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Welcome to the new site for all things Elementary Sports in SD71. This is the place to find all the current information like schedules for volleyball and basketball, locations and times for cross country runs, rules and dates for track and field ... and much more.

We had our first organizing meeting on September 12th to get ready for this year. The draft schedule of events and dates is attached below.

Thank you to everyone involved in cross country and volleyball. As we are into January now, next up is BASKETBALL.  

I have uploaded what was sent out from Ann Lewis (thanks Ann for putting them together).  There are two small changes:

- Huband boys @ Robb now Monday Jan 28th
- Puntledge girls @ Huband still on Feb 20th

Click here or click the basketball page link to see the updates.

If you have any questions about this site, contact Mr. Schilling at Huband Park 250-338-6596 or email charles.schilling@sd71.bc.ca

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