Our StrongStart 'Family' celebrate year-end

June weather may have chilled the air with the return to rain but it hasn't cooled spirits or dampened enthusiasm for this group of strong picnickers!

On June 5, all five of our StrongStart centres gathered at the Anderton Therapeutic Nursery for their year-end outdoor play. It was a delightful picnic and a strong turnout of families, staff and volunteers. 

StrongStart centres are an adult participation program where adults stay and play with their child(ren). Children, families and caregivers attending StrongStart centres can expect a play-based environment, which includes circle time, art, snack, and gym.

Each centre follows the school district calendar and families are welcome to attend StrongStart centres on an ongoing basis or drop-in schedule.​ Centres are located at Brooklyn, Courtenay, Queneesh, and Cumberland Elementary schools.

If your young child is ready to begin pre-school and you are looking for more information​ about our StrongStart program and services, visit  http://www.sd71.bc.ca/Progra…/strongstart/Pages/default.aspx


Check them out on Facebook at Traveling StrongStart!

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