A Unique Outdoor Education and Adventure Experience on Hornby Island Returns

The Ocean Literacy and Leadership Camp runs from July 14 to 19   at the Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Centre on Hornby Island. Open to female secondary students ages 15 - 18 in any British Columbia school districts.


The all-female, six-day, five-night camp focuses on ocean literacy and ecology to enhance and increase knowledge about marine life and stewardship. Participants will gain a strong understanding of the leading environmental issues affecting our oceans today and be inspired to take part in a global effort to protect our waters.

The 2019 camp will include:

  • Hands-on workshops with Deep Bay Marine Field Station
  • Potential opportunity to connect with the local MLA and learn about changing government legislation
  • Ocean Literacy training from Ocean Wise
  • Interactive leadership training on Hornby Island to emphasize online course work

As a special feature, this year’s camp will include a focus on inspiration.  Several guest speakers with a variety of skills, experience, education, and background will be sharing their message of encouragement and how to face leadership challenges no matter what the issue or cause.  Internationally acclaimed inspirational speaker Talli Osborne, known for her spunk and vitality, will deliver the keynote address and spend a portion of the week interacting with participants.

A mandatory pre-camp online course commences April 1st. Participants who successfully complete the online course and camp program will earn four credits, toward their BC Graduation Certificate.

Cost for the camp is $630 pp. All meals, accommodation and program material are provided. Transportation is available from Vancouver Island, from the Powell River Ferry terminal in Little River and the Departure Bay ferries terminal in Nanaimo.

The camp is open to a maximum of 40 participants.  For more information and to register, visit Tribune Bay Outdoor Education

To learn more about the work of Ocean Wise watch a video on YouTube at https://youtu.be/9apX3MEw9bc  or visit the website at www.ocean.org

For more information about Talli Osborne visit, https://talliosborne.https://talliosborne.com/com/



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