Valley Youth artwork featured in province’s elite arts festival for emerging artists

Students explored the theme of boundaries – real or imagined - focusing on the role and meaning they play in our world today.  After creating their final images, student works were exhibited in the Boundaries Exhibition at Roundhouse Community Arts Centre in Yaletown.

The Flash Forward Incubator program is sponsored by the Magenta Foundation and was part of the Capture Photography Festival. This is the second year for Valley students be involved with this program.

Developed in collaboration with industry professionals and educators, the Flash Forward Incubator integrates independent and interactive instructional methods, both online and in-person, and offers diverse opportunities to give and receive feedback from other students, teachers, as well as from the Magenta and Capture’s education team.

Students who participated in the 2019 Flash Forward Incubator program include, from G.P. Vanier: Kenisha Anderson, Desi de Koninck; Allie Desmet, Danielle Egilson; Emilie van Holderbeke; Shane Martynuik; and Isabella Schmidt. From Mark R. Isfeld Secondary: Belen Quiles; Vozmediano; Camryn Hansen; Joel Black; Kaiya Cross; Solana Supplie; Sydney Brown; and Yuna Fuguhara. Finally, from Highland Secondary, Jessica Gui and Philipp Lettenberger.

Educators who led students through their photography and art studies include Dave Ingram, Lisa Chase and Charity Munro. 





G.P. Vanier students Allie Desmet (artwork of doorway, untitled) and Kenisha Anderson (The Protector) were among Valley students who submitted their photography artwork for display at the 2019 FlashForward Incubator Boundaries Exhibit in Vancouver. Image source: Comox Valley Schools

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