The Greatest Ride of Your Life

Puberty is an important time when bodies and brains change and develop into more adult forms.  In North America, the focus of puberty education, guidance and support commonly emphasizes biology, and what happens to a body.

Here, puberty is often viewed as something that involves sensitivities, vulnerabilities and an awkward navigation of change.  Not all cultures see puberty this way.  In some cultures, puberty is viewed as a rite of passage into adulthood where change means greater skills, independence, responsibility and maturity.  

Dr. Claire Puberty PresentationThis 90-minute talk addresses some of the cultural variation around puberty, as well offering a new approach to supporting our children as they navigate this very important life change.                                                                        Your pubescent children are welcome to attend with you, but if you cannot persuade them, do come without them.  We will also address some of the key changes of puberty and how to address and celebrate them in mindful, caring and respectful ways.  Finally, Dr. Claire will offer resources, current advancements and language to assist in this developmental milestone.


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