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Secondary Students win a spot at World Robotic Tournament

Comox Valley robotics students continue to shine as they competed one last time to qualify for the VEX Robotics World Tournament. The district was represented by five NIDES teams and an independent team comprised of Mark R. Isfeld students at the Provincials 2 March. Two teams earned a spot to compete in Kentucky later this spring.
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Secondary School Salad Bar Program Successfully Launched

As food literacy grows in the district, so do Salad Bar programs. It began with Huband Park Elementary and Lake Trail Middle School, each running their own unique program. Soon, schools began to collaborate and share experiences to expand salad bar operations into other schools. Find out how they did it and who was involved in making it happen.
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Safety Alert - Momo Challenge Resurfaces

The North American Centre for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response, and Safer Schools Together are warning students and families about a dangerous online threat. Here's what to know and do about the Momo Challenge.
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G.P. Vanier brings classroom creativity to a whole new level of learning

An inaugural cross-curricular course offered to arts and applied skills students combines several disciplines into one student-led learning project, and the results prove remarkable. The Board of Education received an exclusive viewing at their January meeting of several unique projects created by the first cadre of senior secondary students to participate in Vanier Creative Collective.
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MHO Notice to School Districts re: Measles – Information for Students and Families

With the outbreak of measles in Vancouver, BC, families may be wondering what steps they can take to protect themselves from measles. Vaccination is the best method of protection. All school-age children and adults born in 1970 or later should have 2 doses of MMR vaccine for full protection. Most people born before 1970 are immune to measles because of past exposure or disease. Please take some time to check your vaccination records to see if you or your children need additional vaccination. Vaccination is available from physicians, pharmacists (for adults and children over 5 years), and public health units (for children). Call ahead to your healthcare provider to ensure that MMR is available at your appointment. More information about measles and MMR vaccine can be found at and
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Hope and Love Beyond the 94: A Journey of Reconciliation

Twenty-one students at Highland Secondary School in the Comox Valley now have a deeper more meaningful understanding of our nation's journey of reconciliation. Their learning has helped them create hope through the visual arts with a unique silkscreen composition of original Indigenous design.
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Salish Sea Science Program

Ocean Wise is offering a youth leadership retreat at Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Centre on Hornby Island April 26-28. Participating youth in grades 10 - 12 will learn about the seven ocean literacy principles, the history of the area and traditional knowledge through outdoor activities.
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Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten registration begins district-wide between 12 and 21 February for children entering the public education school for the 2019/20 school year.
The district will host a Kindergarten Information Session 30 January from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Queneesh Elementary. Parents/guardians will have an opportunity to learn about the many different kindergarten programs in the district and speak with educators about each program option available. For complete details including dates and times for the various locations at district schools visit Student Registration online.
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Cross Boundary Registration Form Re-submission

Parents/guardians who filled out a cross-boundary request form may be required to resubmit. A technical problem prevented some registration forms from being correctly submitted.
Here's how to determine if your form was one of them.
After submitting the registration form, if a message indicated the form was successfully submitted did not pop up we did not receive it. Kindly complete the form again and add in the "Reason for Transfer" comment box the date and time of your initial request. This will allow earlier requests to be addressed first.
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In-District Cross-Boundary Requests Begin January

Students registered in the Comox Valley school district may request a transfer to a school outside their catchment area for the 2019/20 school year.
Registration opens 7 January 2019 for a seven-week period for cross-boundary applicants to submit an online request. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
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