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Drinking Water in Valley Schools Safe

Students, staff and families can rest assured that the drinking water provided in all Comox Valley Schools is safe.
A recent national investigative report on the quality of the tap water of several schools across Canada revealed high concentration of lead. Image credit: Pixabay
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Staff Cast - Episode 3

A former student brings his educational experience back to the school district. Brandon Racine has joined the District payroll team and is one of more than 80 new hires over the past year. Tune in to hear his story and more about staff who are making a difference in public education in the Comox Valley.
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Everything you need to know about FSAs

Allan Douglas, Director of Instruction K-12, shares insightful details about the Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA). He chaired the provincial steering committee on the assessment design. To help parents and guardians better understand the goals of the assessments, we spoke with the man who knows them best. Tune into his informative interview on the District YouTube Channel.
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Local Literacy Project Lands in the Hands of Kenyan Students

Carol Walters, a Comox Valley Schools Literacy Support Teacher, belongs to a network of teachers on Vancouver Island who recently took on a literacy project to create books for young learners.
The books are designed to enhance place-based education whereby students are immersed in local sites, animals, and experiences using language and images that engage young readers.
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School District Launches Board Newsletter

We are pleased to announce the release of the first issue of Board Business, a monthly newsletter that captures the Board meeting highlight, District developments, school news stories, and other significant announcements, initiative and events throughout our amazing School District.
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Board of Education Chair Welcome

Janice Caton, Board Chair, shared a welcome message to open the Public Board Meeting Tuesday, September 24, thanking all school district staff for their continued hard work and dedication toward education and student success.
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