Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Program Review?
A Program Review is an internal review and serves as an environmental scan on public education in the Comox Valley. The purpose is to consider various education streams that exist within the District from the context of alignment and coherence. In other words, to determine if a program is positioned effectively for easy access and consistent use by students and educators, and that it is achieving its mandate.
What is the purpose of the Program Review?
School District 71 (SD 71) is a progressive and positive District serving the communities of the City of Courtenay, Town of Comox and the Village of Cumberland, including Black Creek, Merville, Royston, Hornby and Denman Island. SD 71 has a commitment to continuous improvement to ensure education programs meet today’s learning environment and prepare our students to be tomorrow’s life-long learners. A Program Review is an important mechanism towards that goal.
How many programs are under review?
A total of 13 programs are under review and will be conducted over one school calendar year.
The first series began in September 2017 with five program reviews. 
Who conducts the programs reviews?
The review process is guided under the leadership of the Superintendent of Schools, Dean Lindquist and conducted by individual Program Review Teams comprising of district administrators and staff who have been selected from across the District within their respective area of expertise. For example the District Principal of Distributed Learning, Jeff Stewart, led the review team for Distance/Online Learning and Blended Programs.
How long will the review process take?
Review teams have three month to complete the process and report to the Senior Leadership Team. Reports will then be consolidated and presented to the Board with recommendations. The next step involves Board discussion to decide whether to accept, or reject the recommendations or to request additional review. The may also seek further public input through a Community Engagement process.
Will the recommendations of each program be implemented?
No. Only after the Board receives each report and determines if additional review is required for some areas of the program. Once the Board is satisfied with the review, they can seek more in-depth public input and then accept or reject the recommendations made by the respective review teams for each of the program under review. 
Will students, parents and educators have a chance to give input and feedback? If so, when?
The Board will decide if more detailed community engagement is required. Not all program reviews will require this level of public consultation. For reviews that give recommendations that will have the greatest impact on the education community – students, parents and staff – deeper public consultation may be necessary and valuable. Community engagement opportunities will be established as soon as the Board gives direction to proceed. The first series of reviews are to be discussed bat the January 2018 Board meeting at which time, the Board has the option to give direction to proceed with this next step in the review process.
Can the public provide input without waiting for a formal Community Engagement processes?
​Yes. All five program reviews are available online. These reviews were delivered to the Board of Trustees in December and are now available for the public to read and, if they wish to give feedback using a simple survey. By posting the program reviews on the school district website as they become available, we are offering the public an opportunity to answer what they like about the program review information, whether its helpful and what more information can be provided. If deemed necessary, a more in-depth consultation process will be implemented and the public will be invited to participate at that time.  If you would like to have more in-depth public consultation please share those thoughts in the comment section of the survey.