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AMS Update Information

AMS Web Portal Login:

AMS web portal has been updated as of June 15, 2019

Quick Links

The AMS web application that employees use to log absences, review their pay, apply for internal jobs, etc., has changed visually; however the core functions remain the same. Employees will need to familiarize themselves with the updated locations of the tools they use regularly.

How Do I Login to AMS Web?

Staff still use their username and password to login, however it is recommended that all staff use the desktop/laptop version of the Google Chrome browser. It is possible to use AMS web on mobile devices, however it may not be as easy to navigate and enter information on smaller screens.

The Main Screen

The Main Screen displays the menu items to the left, instead of above. All of the options employees need to access are nested under the My Info Menu.

Logging Absences & Changing Availability & PIN

  1. Click on the My Info Menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
  2. Click Time & Attendance.
  3. Entering Absences - Click on the Enter Absence link, second on the list of the Time & Attendance Menu.
  4. Changing Availability & ADS PIN

How Do I Change My Contact Information?

The link to change your phone number and email address are at the bottom of the My Info Menu.

Where are my Pay Statements & Employee Information?

You can review your pay statements under the Employee Statements section of the Documents & eForms heading. Your employee Information (current assignment, contact information, seniority date, etc.) are also available under Employee Information.

More Information

PowerSchool - the company that provides AMS web (also known as atrieveERP) - has published detailed documentation about using the application here.
This 5 minute video provides an overview of the updated version of the application.
AMS Help Desk - 250-338-2388 /