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School Supplies

School​​ ​List(s)
​Airport Elementary Contact school
​Arden Elementary See PDF Below
​Aspen Park Elementary ​​Contact school
​Brooklyn Elementary Contact school
​Courtenay Elementary Contact school
​Cumberland Community School Contact School​
​Denman Island School ​​Contact School​
​Ecole Puntledge Park Elementary Contact School​
​Ecole Robb Road Elementary ​​Contact school
​Huband Park Elementary ​​Contact school​
​Miracle Beach Elementary ​​Contact school
​Queneesh Elementary (Primary, Intermediate and Montessori) See PDF below
​Royston Elementary Contact School​​​​
​Valley View Elementary ​Contact School​
Secondary school students should bring a binder, refill paper, and a few pens for school start-up. Teachers will provide supply lists for specific courses.
Please contact your school directly if the supply list is not shown here.