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Track and Field

Welcome to Track and Field 2019

Track and field season is made up 4 jamborees and a district track meet.  The coordinator is Charles Schilling at Huband.

  • Jamborees include all students from grade 4-7 from all schools.  Students are encouraged to participate in as many events as possible.  The schools will be divided into 4 jamborees groups on May 7 to 10 2019 (alternate dates are the 13 to 15th).
  • We made some suggestions or changes at the April 8 meeting and they are listed here:
  • Grade 4s will be encouraged to do scissor kick only for high jump, grade 5-7 will be able to do either scissor or flop, Kyle will send out a one-pager with more info and links about scissor kick so schools can give that to teachers who want to practice it more
  • We have moved grade 7 high jump to the early morning and grade 4 high jump to the end of the day … we will try and finish grade 4 high jump at jamboree and district day if time permits
  • We also talked about being consistent with 2 tries for each student at a height for high jump instead of 3 as a way of speeding up that event
  • We decided for jamborees that relays would be non-gender … when it is the start of relay time at 11ish, we will be calling for relay teams from each grade and that can be any four students on a team (this will hopefully encourage more teams to give it a try by allowing a team of 3 to more easily pick up one more student for 4)
  • For the district day, since schools will be picking students to participate, we will continue with boys relay and girls relays separately
  • Cumberland is going to offer disk golf to schools and we picked May 15 at 3pm (each school could bring about 5-10 participants)
  • Ultimate is going to continue as well after school and those dates are May 29, June 5 and June 12
  • A few schools have not forwarded funds to Huband for this year
  • The District track meet involves all schools.  Schools can send 2 athletes in each track and field event at each grade level for each gender.
  • The District Track meet is May 22nd (alternate days are the 23rd and 24th).
  •   Details below: