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Metal Fabrication

Provider: North Island College ​​​​​​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​select picture to see videowelding 1.jpgNIC Logo.png
Location: North Island College - Campbell River
Program start date: September 2020 - June
Times: Monday - Friday
Cost to student: ​ $1200 to $1600 
  1. C in one of English 10, Composition 10, Creative Writing 10, Literary Studies 10, New Media 10, Spoken Language 10, English First Peoples Writing 10, English First Peoples Literary Studies 10, English First Peoples New Media 10, English First Peoples Spoken Language 10 or NIC ENG-035, or equivalent; or C+ in ESL-051ESL-054 and ESL-057, or certified CLB 7; 
  2. Successful completion of the NIC Metal Trades Assessment with a minimum of 70% in each of the four sections tested.
    Note: For general information about the Metal Trades Assessment see the Metal Mechanical Study information  or speak with an NIC Advisor. To prepare for the Metal Trades Assessment use the Math Study Guide.
  3. Registered in Welder Foundation preceding the start of Metal Fabrication Foundation or completion of Welder Foundation, level B, level A, or Apprenticeship Welding training; or
  4. Applicants with significant previous welding experience may be considered with instructor approval.
A & W Math 11, Metalwork, Auto
Grad Credits: ​36
*​No break over High School Spring Break*