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SET-BC & SD71 Projects

Projects going on in SD71 ​

SETBC Synergy Projects 2017-2018


Place- Based Education- Learning Commons Support (Secondary) Highland 

This project supports Teacher-Librarians in Secondary Schools in exploring the use of technology to support Place Based activities. 

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French Literacy (Puntledge and Robb Road)

French as a Second Language, French Immersion or French Language School classrooms contain students with diverse learning needs that benefit from increased access to technology to support French Literacy and skill development. Teams in this project explore innovative ways to support Literacy.

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3D Printing to support Students with Visual Impairments

The 3D printing project will support a small group of Teachers of the Visually Impaired to explore the acquisition, modification, or creation of 3D printed models to support students who have visual impairments.  This project is designed to support a provincial collaboration of TVIs interested in working together to both address the needs of the specific students they support. TVIs are working in partnership with PRCVI alternate format team and are contributing to the provincial collection of 3D model designs.

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Building Bridges to Inclusion (Isfeld Life Skills) 

This project supports Intensive Intervention Program teachers in exploring inclusion of students with complex needs at the Secondary school level. 

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