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Strategic Communication Plan

Effective communication between trustees, parents, teachers, and administrators is critical to ensure students and their families are supported. Meaningful school communication is very much the essential catalyst to getting the kind of parental and community engagement students need to succeed. 
Through transparency of the district school system, this plan aims to build trust, honesty and respect with all educational partners within our school communities.


The communication objectives are tied directly to the Board of Education's Strategic Plan for student and school success. This document is used to guide communication activities as well as provide a framework around all community engagement efforts.

Identifying ways in which the Board of Education is effectively communicating and engaging with its diverse audiences is at the heart of Comox Valley Schools' Communications and Community Engagement Framework.


The purpose of a Communications Framework is to present a clear and concise direction for communicating with the school system’s community. The framework identifies two types of school district audiences:  the internal (students, teachers, staff, unions, administration and School Board) and the external (parents, businesses, civic groups, and other members of the district’s community), each of which has its own specific processes to be followed for engagement.