School Catchment Consultation

The Comox Valley School District is reviewing all school catchment boundaries. A catchment boundary determines which students in a geographical area are eligible to attend a specific school.


Due to increasing student enrollment and limited space, in certain locations, the District is considering revising catchment boundaries to create space in some of its schools. Some schools are full and projected to continue to grow, while others have space and are not projected to grow.

Round 1


The purpose of Round 1 consultations was to share data with parents and to explore some potential ideas to address over capacity issues. The feedback gathered at each of the four sessions will then be used to formulate options to bring to Round 2 where participants will be invited to offer further feedback.


Round 2


The purpose of this round was to present the options, which will be presented to the Board. Included in these will be new ideas which have been brought up in all Round 1 consultations that were transformed into viable options.