Deaf and Hard of Hearing Showcase competition two of Isfield’s students competed.

On Monday April 11th we had two students in our district participate in this years DHH Showcase put on by the Provincial Outreach Program: Deaf and Hard of Hearing.  This year’s theme was ” What makes me proud to be Deaf or Hard of Hearing?” Nearly 80 students across the province entered the competition.

First, we had the pleasure of hearing the opening remarks from Jen Mezei, the Chair of the Burnaby Board of Education, and then the contest commenced with ASL poetry for students in Grades 6 – 12. The second half of the event featured Spotlight.

The ASL Poetry K-5 and DE’VIA winners were determined prior to the live event. Typically students travel from all over BC to meet in the lower mainland for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Friendship Week.  Previously the Spotlight competition was put on by the Optimist club, however, now POPDHH has created their own event.  This year the event was entirely online.

Two of our students: Quinn Hoar from Mark R. Isfeld, and Finley Adamson from Cumberland Community Schools participated in DHH Showcase.  They each prepared a speech to present on the topic “What makes me Proud to be Deaf/Hard of Hearing.”  Here is a link to the presentation   if you go to 2:00:00 you will first see Finley present and then at 2:08:00 you will see Quinn’s presentation.  These presentations are judged and then the top 3 winners are announced.

This was Finley’s first year competing and Quinn’s second (online).  I’m happy to announce that this year’s winner of the spotlight presentation was Quinn!  I’m very proud of all the hard work, effort, and courage that the students put into writing their speeches, practicing, and presenting online!