Date: Friday, October 15, 2021
Teacher Location Description
Appel, Ann Marie 302 Leadership meeting for all Leadership students / grad council in the Multipurpose Room.
Bayles, Esther 205 LA open with EA help for academic support.
Beckett, Heather 202 Academic support for English, ELL learners and Social Justice.
Environment Club activities.
Ramwell, Devon 206 Lifeskills
Bullock, Ian Portable 3 English 10-12 Support
Chase, Lisa 506 & 510 Open rooms for currently enrolled Photo/Art and marketing students/MITV. Consultation with Independent Studies students.
Courage, Andrea 205 Academic/learning support
Cunningham, Colin Weight Room Extension of learning opportunity for those students currently in a Fitness Elective. Not open to all students (yet) due to capacity concerns.
Duncan, Linsay Band Room 512 Open block for all band students for practicing, playing test and/or theory catchup, one on one help and independent studies support.
Feustel, Alan Metal Shop Room 508 Open shop for project work for currently enrolled shop students. Max of 24 students at a time.
Graham, Dave 306 Math Science help and Lab make ups.
Gravel, Louis 203 French Immersion Academic Support for Grades 8-10
Green, Larry 302 Academic support for Foundations of Math 12, Life Sciences 11 and Workplace Math 10.  Rewrites for Foundation of Math 12 quizzes and tests.

Leadership meeting for all leadership students / grad council in the Multipurpose Rm.

Hagel, Coral 506 Citizenship Support
Hagel, Stace Upper Field Outdoor Games, weather permitting.  Badminton indoors if the weather is poor and gym space is available.
Holland, Shawn 201 Academic support for students in English – all grades welcome
Janzen, Greg 106 Leadership meeting for all leadership students / grad council in the Multipurpose Room
Jokanovich, Carol 404 Academic support for Sp, Fr and Psych
Jones, Sarah 104 2:00-2:30 Science 8 – make up project presentations
2:35-3:10 – Math 10 support.  If you need to write a test, arrive at 1:50 to get started.
Keys, Stephanie 101 Grade 10/11 Leadership Meeting in room 101 until 2:15pm (and then Sc Hum 11 tests/re-dos) and academic support for Sc Hum.

Leadership meeting for all leadership student / grad council in the Multipurpose Rm

Kotapski, Jill Student Services Counselling appointments for students
Kroeker, Mariannick Portable 1 Academic support for English 9, Sc Hum 9 and Core French 8 students.
Lagrandeur, Pascal 102 Academic support for Francais Langue 8 and 9 and Core French 8 Students
Lineger, Peter
Lockguell, Jouska 509 Open for Art student support
Long, Deb Student Service Student meetings & counselling sessions
MacKinnon, Ross 202 Academic Support for Careers 8
McCallum, Amy Portable 5 French immersion academic support, and Core French 11 support.  DELF exam preparation (Core French 11 only).
McKillican, Debra 105 Academic support for Chem 11 and Anatomy and Physiology 12
Morellato, Tara 405 Make up Labs for the past two weeks only. Must be prearranged.
Mulrooney, Victoria 403 ISP Grade 12 information session for all international grade 12’s here to graduate – mandatory attendance
Murcheson, Kim 103 Math contest info, accounting and Math 12 help / catch up / tests
Nelson, Phil 303 Science 8 & 9 support
Pahl, Simmy Portable 6 Academic Support for FMPC 10 and Math 9.   Missed tests/retests for grade 9’s and missed quiz/corrections for FMPC 10
Parsons, Chantel 100 Academic support for Humanities 8 (completing 5 themes of Geography PPT, Zombie project, comic) and Genocide Studies 12 (finishing overdue work)
Pendak, Jesse 305 Academic support, chess, MITV support
Peters, Jordan 301 Academic support for English 10/11, creative writing mentoring for all students
Reintgen, Claudia 100 & 101 Academic support for Social Studies 10
Richards, Tracy library (maybe 506 as well) Library supervision, plus Dungeons & Dragons club and 3D printers
Riley, Jen Academic support for English 8
Rotter, Serena Student Services Counselling appointments for all students
Roy, Stephane 402 Academic support for Senior French Immersion
Smith, Brad Stage Academic support for improvisational, conventional and technical theater
Storey, Aarlen 406 Academic/Learning Support
Streit, Christian Portable 2 Academic support for Math.
Tattrie, Jim Wood Shop Course/project support for current shop students (max of 24 students)
Taylor, Mark 200/205 Computers are available for schoolwork or games in room 200.  Math help is available in room 205.
Tobacca, Blake Gym Sport Performance Basketball Skills Training (max of 25)
Watt, Christi 400 ILC is open / CLC 12-Capstone mentoring
Welbourn, Rachel 304 Academic support for Math and Science.  In the future, math club/math contest prep
Williamson, Tammy 300 Make Up Labs for the current week only. Must be prearranged.
Yilmaz, Kayla 206 Lifeskills
Zirkl, Heidi 401 Academic support for Socials 9, Socials 11 and Law 12