Date: Friday June 24, 2022
Teacher Location Description
Appel, Ann Marie Portable 4 English, Socials, Careers, Child Development and Leadership Support
Bayles, Esther 205 Test Centre
Beckett, Heather 202 English support
Bullock, Ian Portable 3 no Flex offering this Friday
Chase, Lisa 506 & 510 Open rooms for currently enrolled Photo/Art and marketing students/MITV. Consultation with Independent Studies students.
Courage, Andrea 205 Test Centre
Cunningham, Colin Weight Room Extension of learning opportunity for those students currently in a Fitness Elective. Not open to all students (yet) due to capacity concerns.
Duncan, Linsay Band Room 512 Open room for all grades – test catch up or re-testing, one on one help and practice time
Feustel, Alan Metal Shop Room 508 Class time for currently enrolled trade sampler students.
Gellatly, Tara Port 1 Academic support for Core French 8,9, & 10 and Spanish 9 students.
Graham, Dave 306 Math Science help and Lab make ups.
Gravel, Louis 203 French Immersion Academic Support for Grades 8-10
Green, Larry 302 completion work for LifeScience 11 students and missed test writing for Workplace Math 10 students.
Hagel, Coral 506 Citizenship Support
Hagel, Stace Gym outdoor activities. Weather dependent.
Holland, Shawn 201 Academic support for students in English – all grades welcome!
Janzen, Greg 106 Support for PC 11, Science 10, and CLC 12
Jokanovich, Carol 404 Spanish exam interviews. Finishing outstanding work in Spanish and Psych.
Jones, Sarah 104 math 8 and environmental science 11 – late and missing work time
Kaiway, Katie 101 English 9 Support for Book Bento Box, Book Review, Body Biography or Character Analysis Paragraph (or any other missing work); Creative Writing 11 Support for Dystopia Novel Project (or any other missing work)
Keys, Stephanie 101 Sciences Humaines 9, 10 et 11 support,
Kotapski, Jill Student Services Counselling appointments for students
Lagrandeur, Pascal 102 Academic support for Francais Langue 9, Sciences Humaines 8 and Core French 8 Students
Lineger, Peter 506-Library CLE 11 Support
Lockquell, Jouska 509 Open studio to work on assignments
Long, Deb Student Service Counselling appointments for students
MacKinnon, Ross 104 Academic Support for Careers 8
McCallum, Amy Portable 5 French immersion academic support, also Sciences humaines 9 support, quiz make-ups and discussions for FRAL 10 novel study if you missed one that was submitted for your group.
McKillican, Debra 105 Academic support for Chem 11 and Anatomy and Physiology 12
Morellato, Tara 405 Make up Labs for the past two weeks only. Must be prearranged. Sewing help and the chance to work on and/or finish sewing project.
Mulrooney, Victoria 403 International students drop off blue withdrawal papers & pick up treats
Murcheson, Kim 103 Calculus 12, Economics 12
Nelson, Phil 303 Math support
Pahl, Simmy Portable 6 Academic Support for FMPC 10 (i.e. practice assignments, review, and quiz corrections). Sc 9: Assignment help/Mitosis flip books due May 27. All missed quizzes/test can be completed in the LA room
Pendak, Jesse 305 Academic support, chess, MITV support
Peters, Jordan 301 Academic support for English 11/12, creative writing mentoring for all students.
Ramwell, Devon 206 Reading buddies & Volunteer Opportunities
Reintgen, Claudia 304 Academic support for Social Studies 10
Richards, Tracy library (maybe 506 as well) D & D club – room 506,Cataan tournament, Library support
Riley, Jen 511 Academic support for English 8
Rotter, Serena Student Services Counselling appointments for students
Roy, Stephane 402 Academic support for senior French Immersion and Sciences Humaines 10
Smith, Brad Stage Academic support for improvisational, conventional and technical theater
Storey, Aarlen 406 Academic Support. Space to write tests/quizzes.
Streit, Christian Portable 2 Academic support for Science and Math.
Tattrie, Jim Wood Shop Course/project support for current shop students (maximum 24). Workplace Math 11 support.
Taylor, Mark 200 Computers are available for work and learning (quiet). Math help available as well.
Tobacca, Blake 302 Social Studies 10 Support
Watt, Christi 400 P-4 Capstone presentations.
Welbourn, Rachel 304 Academic support for Math/Science and make-up labs for students who missed this week (sign up ahead of time). Make up labs from 2:30-3:10 in room 306
Willard, Nathan

Williamson, Tammy



Academic Support for Science

Make up Labs for the past two weeks only. Must be prearranged.

Yilmaz, Kayla 206 Reading Buddies and Volunteer Opportunities
Zirkl, Heidi 401 Academic support for Social 11, Law 12 and History 12.

As we head into the 2021-2022 school year we are reviewing ways we can re-connect students to their school outside of the classroom and provide them with some flexibility and support with their learning.

Following discussions with teaching staff and students we will be implementing some flexible learning time most Fridays to provide the following enrichments:

  • Extra time with classroom teachers to complete assignments, tests and/or receive additional instruction as required.
  • Provide time during the school day for students to connect with school groups outside of regular classroom instruction such as Environment club, MITV, Interact club, Garden club and many others.
  • Allow students access to the fitness centre and gymnasium for extensions of course related learning.
  • Provide opportunities for performing arts groups to meet within the school day prior to events such as band, choir, improv, district musical, etc.
  • Develop potential mental health supports for students through our Inclusive Services Centre.
  • Provide time for local community engagement events and Capstone presentations.
  • Additional opportunities as the year progresses based on student needs and interests.

In a 2020-2021 Isfeld parent survey 72% of parents surveyed responded strongly agreed or agreed that “the flex block provides an opportunity for my child to get extra support.” As well, over 50% of parents responded positively (and over 15% were neutral) to “my child took full advantage of the flex block opportunities at their school.”

Flex Block Guidelines:

  • It is a block within the required school day (9:00 – 3:10) with the same attendance expectations as all other blocks. Students have the flexibility to choose where they attend.
  • If a student is required by a teacher to be in attendance in their room to complete missing assignments/tests that will take priority over all other activities.
  • Support from parents/guardians is paramount in Flex block being successful. Parent encouragement to ensure students use Flex block as a valuable tool in their learning journey through consistent attendance, work completion and involvement in the many positive aspects of our school culture is key factor in student success.
  • The Flex block structure will be reviewed at the end of each term. Key indicators will be attendance, course/assignment completion, involvement in school culture activities and parent feedback among others.
  • Administration will continuously communicate with students and staff regarding the Flex block structure. If it is deemed it is not being used as intended or helping to achieve school goals, we will return to a regular block schedule.

Our Flex block will take place on Fridays starting September 24th and will follow this bell schedule:

9:00 – 9:55 Block One 55 mins
9:58 – 10:53 Block Two 55 mins
10:56 – 11:51 Block Three 55 mins
11:51 – 12:36 Lunch 45 mins
12:39 – 1:39 Block Four 60 mins
1:42 – 3:10 FLEX 88 mins