Isfeld Clubs

D & D / Magic the Gathering

  • Sponsor Teacher: Ms. Richards
  • Meeting Times: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday at Lunch
  • Meeting Location: 506

Q.A.C. (Queer Alliance Club)

QAC is open to all students of all grades. It is appealing to students who care about equality, acceptance and safer schools for all. The students who attend are usually interested in advocating for themselves and others who may not feel able to self-advocate at this point in their lives. We meet once a week (Wednesday) over lunch hour, but also attend district GSA meetings which are held 4-6 times a school year. Each high school hosts one. Each school that hosts has a different focus/discussion topic planned.

  • Sponsor Teacher:
  • Meeting Times: Thursdays at Lunch
  • Meeting Location: Portable 4

Isfeld Environment Club

Our club is all about creating positive environmental change within our school and community. Our two biggest campaigns currently are planting trees around the school and implementing a school-wide compost system. Other than meeting on Mondays, we volunteer almost every weekend with local environmental organizations, primarily Project Watershed, doing activities such as pulling invasive plants, transplanting trees, cleaning up trash, and helping at their public events. We also organize many school events, such as Bike to School week, Eco-Fair, and World Oceans Day.

  • Sponsor Teacher: Ms. Beckett
  • Meeting Times: Monday at Lunch
  • Meeting Location: Room 202

Isfeld Interact Club

Our motto is “Youth Helping Youth”. Interact is a service club sponsored by the Comox Rotary Club. Each year we raise funds, volunteer in our community, and carry out service projects. We are committed to making change locally and internationally.  Our main projects include Food Bank Drive, Shoe Box Promise Project, and supporting the Tegucigalpa Market Kids program, also known as Alternativas y Oportunidades in Honduras. We put the “act” in Interact!

  • Sponsor Teachers: Victoria Mulrooney 
  • Meeting Times: Thursdays at Lunch
  • Meeting Location: Room 506

Isfeld Magic Club

The Mark R. Isfeld Magic Club focuses on developing the magical powers of its school’s aspiring illusionists.

  • Sponsor Teacher: Mr. Nelson
  • Meeting Times: Fridays during Flex
  • Meeting Location: 303

“The Mark R. Isfeld Magic Club, it’s an illusion until it’s not.”

Garden Club

Garden club is all about learning to grow good food in healthy soils, supporting pollinators and microbes, how to become more food secure, and getting outside in the sunshine!  We meet for most of the school year, with a small break in the winter.  Everyone is welcome to join us!

  • Sponsor Teachers: Chantel Parsons and Devon Ramwell
  • Meeting times: Tuesdays at lunch
  • Location: in the garden or room 100

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”
― Anne Frank