School Philosophy

At Queneesh Elementary School we strive to provide a safe, caring and educationally nurturing environment for all.  We value all students’ unique qualities and believe that everyone has the ability to learn, build relationships and contribute to our school community.

Administrator’s Message

On behalf of the entire staff, welcome to Queneesh Elementary School. Queneesh Elementary has developed a positive reputation in our community of being much more than a school. It is a caring community where families, students and staff work and learn together as a team supporting each other, encouraging the best in each other, and celebrating the accomplishments of all.

Teaching and learning are hard work. At Queneesh we are committed to the development of a healthy school environment that allows all students to develop to their highest potential.  We believe in appropriately challenging students to do their very best in all endeavors and to take pride in their work and, most importantly, themselves.

We will strive to ensure the best possible learning environment for your children and we encourage parents to continue to be active participants in their learning throughout the year.

We believe that optimal learning can only take place in an environment that is enjoyable, safe, orderly and caring.  We value compassion, communication, connections and community.  We welcome your expertise, concerns and suggestions as we strive to improve the learning environment for our children.  Our minds and doors are always open.

Kyle Timms                                                                                                                                     Debra Fullerton

Principal                                                                                                                                                 Vice Principal

School Schedule

Regular School Days

8:00 am                         School Office Opens

8:35 am                         Doors Open – Entry Bell

8:40 am                         Classes Begin

10:00 am                         30 minute Recess

10:30 am                       Classes

12:00 pm

12:30 pm                       Classes Begin

2:30 pm                         Dismissal

General Information

Reporting Absences

Please report to us all absences (via telephone, email, or a message sent with a sibling.)


(250) 334-4029 or

General Information

Learning Centre

We co-ordinate school-based resources, School District resources and community resources to provide appropriate educational opportunities for all students. We recognize that students have ‘special needs’ of many kinds and strive to cater to students requiring extra service. In order to support these children, Queneesh Elementary is able to provide the following services: Learning Support Teachers, Counsellor, Speech and Language Pathologist, Indigenous Support Workers, and Educational Assistants. In addition, gifted children have the opportunity to attend the District Challenge program.

Student Tardiness

When students arrive at school on time they experience more success.  Please help your children start their day well by having them arrive at school prior to the beginning of instruction at 8:43 am.  We recommend that students arrive between 8:30 and 8:40 am.  If a child is not in class at the 8:43 bell, they need to sign in at the office counter.

School Visits

When visiting the school or a classroom, please sign in at the office to receive a visitor’s tag.  If you are at the school other than during drop off or pick up, please park in the far lot (hospital side.)  Parking passes are no longer needed.

Picking Up Students

Please inform the office if you are sending someone other than your regular contacts to pick up your children.

When Children Are Ill

In fairness to all, please do not send your child to school if he/she has definite signs of ill health in the morning. We have neither the facilities nor the personnel to care for sick children. Good health is necessary for effective learning. Students who are ill should receive proper medical attention and should not attend school until their health is reasonable. Students who become ill during the day are to go directly to their teacher or the office. Our policy is to send students who are ill home as soon as possible. Our practice will be to call parents and ask that the students be picked up. For this reason, it is important that parents keep work and emergency phone numbers current.

Medication for Students

On occasion, we have been asked by parents to ensure their child receives prescribed medication. Please be aware that in order to do so, we require the completion of the Request for Administration of Medication at School Form.  Contact the office for help

Emergency Response & Fire Drills

Regular fire drills and emergency response drills will be held throughout the year to practise student safety procedures.

School Closure

In the event of power failures, please listen to our local radio stations, 98.9 FM The Goat or 97.3 FM The Eagle, for information.  This information will also be posted on the school district and school’s website.

Snow Conditions

In case of overnight heavy snowfall, the School Board advises parents:

to listen to The Goat (98.9 FM Courtenay), The Eagle (97.3 FM Courtenay), on school days during or after heavy snowfalls. Information is also posted on the school and district web sites.

to have arrangements made for the care of children who cannot attend school because of closures or because the children have been sent home early. Parents who are unable to make alternative arrangements must advise the school that their children are to be kept in school until regular dismissal time.

Arrival and Departure

Walk wheeled transportation on school grounds and at crosswalks.  Bicycles should be locked in the racks and scooters and skateboards stored in the lockers or with teacher permission in the classroom.  Students are required to wear helmets when riding to and from school.  Students need to go directly home at the end of school dismissal.

School Entry

Students may enter the building when the bell rings at 8:35 am. Students must remain at the front of the school prior to the 8:35 am bell as there is no supervision at the back of the school at that time.

School Leaving

Students may not leave the school premises during school hours without written permission.  They need to sign out at the office.  Students are expected to go directly home after dismissal.

Student Drop Off/Pick Up

Please note that staff parking is marked at the front of the school.  These spaces are not to be used for student pick up/drop off. Some of our staff arrive just prior to the bell and we need spaces available for them.  The far side (Hospital – East) lot is available for family parking.

Our morning and afternoon supervision staff focus on our student drop off/pick up areas. Pedestrian traffic must use sidewalks and crosswalks, instead of cutting across traffic lanes. The lane in front of the school is for “Stop, Drop, and Go” traffic.  Please move to the end of the lane and the driver is to remain in the vehicle.  Please park in the side lot if you need to leave your vehicle.  If you pick up your children regularly, please consider arriving 10 minutes after the bell to help ease congestion.  Children can wait for you out front.

Reporting To Parents

As involved partners with their child’s education, parents naturally desire and need to know how their child is doing in school. Parents and teachers may contact one another to discuss individual student’s progress at any time throughout the school year.  Teacher have two options for reporting and will let families know which ones they will use, either portfolios, or formal written reports (three per year.) Regardless of our regular reporting sessions, we encourage parents to contact individual teachers to discuss their child’s progress at any time, either by email, phone or asking for an appointment at school pick up time.


It is very important that our students learn how to access and use resources and manage information. Ms. Gardner, our teacher librarian will be working with classes to help develop these lifelong skills.  Our library is open for classes during the school day and for general student use at other times.

Supplies and Textbooks

All neighbourhood students as well as intermediate Montessori students are responsible for providing their basic school supplies as requested on the supply list. Montessori primary students have classroom community supplies.  Please inform the office if your family needs some assistance with school supplies.

Students are loaned textbooks during the year. Students are asked to treat these books with care as they will be charged for textbooks that are damaged or not returned.

Lost and Found

Frequently, items such as hoodies, gym strip or binders are mislaid. If the items are labelled with names, it greatly assists in their speedy return. A lost and found box and rack is kept in the hall for mislaid items and we encourage students and parents to check this box if something has been misplaced. Smaller items, such as keys, are kept in the office. The lost and found will be cleared out at the end of each month.  Left items will be donated to either our school’s free store or to a local charity.

Use of the Office Telephone

The school telephones are used for business and are in constant demand. Students must have permission from their teacher or the office to use the telephone in the foyer for cases of spe cial need. If a student is being detained after school and the parent is unaware, that student would be permitted to use the telephone to inform parents. Students will not be permitted to use the telephone to make after school social arrangements.

Dress Code

At Queneesh Elementary, students and staff are expected to dress in a manner appropriate to a school setting (e.g. only t-shirts with child-friendly logos or print with no offensive language, alcohol/drug advertisements etc.).  Clothing should be safe and comfortable allowing for full participation in all activities.  Hats and hoods may only be worn in hallways but not the classrooms. For safety reasons, footwear (close-toed and non-slip) is required at all times.

Personal Digital Devices

Students are generally advised not to bring valuable personal items from home, such as iPods, cell phones and hand-held computer games.  However, increasingly teachers are encouraging children to BYOD (bring your own device) with parent permission and under teacher supervision for educational purposes.  In such cases, Responsible Use Agreement Contracts must be signed by students and parents.  Except where teacher permission has been given, students are not permitted to use digital devices in the halls of the school, at recess or lunch, or inside or outside the school during school hours.  Therefore, any unsanctioned use of an electronic device will result in temporary loss of that device.

Please be aware that in order to preserve the safety, culture and climate of the school the administrators have the right to access lockers, back packs and information stored on electronic devices.

Missed Work

Students are responsible for missed worked due to absences. Please be aware that for extended absences, classroom learning will have moved on and extra support may not be available.  Support from home will likely be needed.

Code of Conduct

Statement of Purpose

At Queneesh Elementary School we strive to provide a safe, caring and educationally nurturing environment for all.  Our school rules and policies are established and supported for everyone’s protection, safety and well-being.

School Rules:

  1. Do nothing dangerous or damaging to yourself or others.
  2. Follow the instructions of staff at all times.

Conduct Expectations

The school code of conduct defines appropriate behaviour at school, while traveling to and from school and while attending school functions at any location. Where applicable the code applies as much to adults present in and around the building as to the children in attendance.

Acceptable Conduct

Students are expected to try their best while demonstrating respect for themselves, others and their learning environment.   They must follow the school and classroom rules and accept responsibility for their own choices and actions. Regular attendance and punctuality is mandated by the School Act.  Students are expected to behave safely and cooperatively and to inform adults in a timely manner of incidents of injury, bullying, harassment and intimidation.  The staff, with parent/guardian involvement, assists students in developing skills for resolving conflict, problem solving and decision-making appropriate to their age.

Unacceptable Conduct

Behaviour that interferes with the learning of others, the orderly environment of the school, injures or threatens others, or causes damage to property is deemed inappropriate.  The following are examples, not an all-inclusive list, of behaviours that also fall into this category:

  • Acts of defiance: not following the directions of staff
  • Acts or threats of bullying (including cyber-bullying), harassment, intimidation or physical violence
  • Acts of discrimination including those based on race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression; and age.
  • Illegal acts such as possession, use or distribution of illegal or restricted substances, possession or use of a weapon (or using something as a weapon) or theft of or damage to property.

Rising Expectations Match to Escalating Consequences

It is our expectation that as students mature and progress through the grades that they will, in   most cases, be capable of greater personal responsibility and self-discipline and therefore it is appropriate to have escalating consequences for inappropriate and repeated unacceptable behaviours.

Disciplinary Process

Consequences for misbehaviour will be applied in a fair and judicious manner and wherever possible the disciplinary action will be preventative and restorative.  Depending on the severity or frequency of the behaviour and on the age and maturity level of the student, one or more of the following actions may be taken.

  1. Time for de-escalation followed by time to consider behaviours.
  2. Restitution – repair or replacement of objects. Some form of service to the offended party.
  3. Loss/limit or delay of access to school areas and/or equipment. Loss/limit or delay in participation in activities.
  4. Limit interactions with other students (during recess and/or lunch) – “time out” or “direct supervision.”
  5. In-school suspension – to be served in office, another class or alternate safe place designated by the administration.
  6. Out of school suspension up to and including a period of 5 days.
  7. Out of school suspension for a period exceeding five days. Follow up meeting with Superintendent and trustees.

Special considerations may apply to students with special needs if they are unable to comply with the code of conduct due to a disability of an intellectual, physical, sensory, emotional or behavioural nature.


The scope, frequency or severity of an incident may require us to advise other parties of serious breaches of the code of conduct.  For example:

  • Parents/guardians of the offender(s) and victim(s)
  • School district officials, police and other agencies – as required by law or policy.
  • Other parents – when deemed to be important to reassure members of the school community that school officials are aware of a serious situation or incident and are taking appropriate actions.


All reasonable steps will be taken to prevent retaliation by a person against a student who has made a complaint of a breach of the code of conduct.  The distinction between ‘tattling’ and ‘telling’ is stressed as is the importance of doing the right thing.

Parent Opportunities

Parent Advisory Council

Purpose: The purpose of the P.A.C. is to promote and support education and to contribute to a sense of school community at Queneesh Elementary School.


  • To enhance communication between:

{Parents                         {The Board

{Community    AND       {School

{Students                       {Administration


  • To provide a formal means of consultation on matters of general interest which affect the education or safety of our pupils.
  • To promote co-operation between home and school.
  • To promote involvement of parents and other community members.
  • To organize and provide additional resources to the school through volunteer activities.


All parents and guardians of students registered at Queneesh Elementary School are voting members. PAC meetings will be held the third Wednesday of each month at 6pm in the school library. Child minding for young children is usually available.  Let the office know in advance if this is required. Please come out and join us.

Parent Volunteers:

We welcome the assistance of parents in all our school endeavours; for our classroom programs, as field trip supervisors, as hot lunch helpers, to help at sports days, to help with special events, etc. Some of our activities would not be able to happen without the help of parent volunteers. Thank you for your support! Regular volunteers require a recent criminal record check, kept on file for three years.

If you are interested in assisting us in any way, please contact the school admin assistants and leave your name and phone number. You will be welcomed with open arms!

School Emergency Program

School District 71 has an Emergency Response Plan to ensure the safety of our students and staff in the event of an emergency.  Please read through the School Emergency Program on the SD71 site which outlines the key elements of our plan and answers frequently asked questions about emergency preparedness.