About Miracle Beach Elementary

Miracle Beach Elementary is a diverse K-7 rural community school with 250+ students. We are a part of the Comox Valley School district nestled in the forested community of Black Creek. The demographics of the school population is shifting and has a diverse group of students. For the 2022-2023 school year, Miracle Beach has a total of 12 divisions with a mixture of straight and split classes.

Staff, students and parents have worked hard to ensure Miracle Beach Elementary is a place of learning. Our purpose is to equip students with knowledge, skills and views that will help them in their journeys self-confident, happy and productive individuals capable of maintaining healthy lifestyles, choice, relationships and motivation for lifelong learning.

We have established a sense of “family” in the school. We work to provide students with a caring and supportive environment where they feel safe to solve problems in respectful ways. Miracle Beach Elementary continues to work towards a school program that fits the needs of individual students. Staff members are comfortable with the principles and strategies of an assessment for learning approach and make every effort to ensure that students are all progressing as quickly as possible, using their unique strengths and interests in the process.