Communicating Student Learning

As we move toward continuous reporting in SD71,  our teachers have the choice of three options to communicate student learning

  1. Paper portfolio – a collection of work samples (authentic evidence) with student voice, descriptive feedback, notes about core and/or curricular competencies, with next steps identified
  2. E-portfolios – same as paper, but electronic version requiring parents to log in through the portal at the bottom of school webpages using the child’s user name and password.  Steps how to log in / comment on electronic portfolios will be provided by your teacher if this is the form used.
  3. My Education BC Report – a summary sent out at the end of each term that identifies the big ideas taught over the term, and core competencies addressed, descriptive feedback to the learner, student voice in the comment and next steps​

Regardless of which form of communication used by your teacher, all three follow the Guiding Parameters as determined by a Committee of Teachers

For more information about Communication of Student Learning please consult Learn 71 which has many wonderful tools and information items.