Cultural Presenters

We are pleased to offer the services of our Comox Valley Indigenous Community to assist you in programming in your classroom.

If you are uncertain of the nature of the presentation, or who would be the best ‘fit’ to your specific curriculum outcome then please do not hesitate to ask your school’s Indigenous Support Worker or the District Indigenous Curriculum Support Teachers for more detailed information!​ Please remember that our presenters are sharing their culture with you and it is our job as teachers to explicitly connect it to curriculum.

Please review the administrative protocol that needs to be followed to ensure service, payment and coordination. See below for the document.

Booking Cultural Presenters

STEP 1: Choose a Cultural Presenter

  • A classroom teacher or Indigenous Support Worker reviews our list of Cultural Presenters (or consults with an Indigenous Education staff member) and determine who is best suitable for their classroom / presentation topic.

STEP 2: Contact Cultural Presenter.

  • The staff member requesting the Presenter contacts the Cultural Presenter directly to discuss their visit (date and time is established). Ensure this visit is scheduled a minimum of two weeks prior to the requested date.
  • Host school will provide information about COVID-19 protocols at school or field trip site you are visiting.

STEP 3: Confirmation of Visit

  • School staff member emails or phones Sue Cambrey, administrative assistant, at the Indigenous Education Centre with details of visit to request an honorarium.
  • Sue will confirm these details in an email sent out to the School Staff person requesting the presentation, the Cultural Presenter, the schools Indigenous Support Worker and the District Principal, Indigenous Education.

STEP 4: Confirmation and Honorarium payment

  • The Cultural Presenter visits as planned and, once confirmed by Sue Cambrey, the honorarium begins to be processed.

​​​​​**For special projects or presentations that are beyond the scope of the regular honorarium​​ please note that an invoice will need to be generated for the payment. Fees for these projects and presentations are negotiable and will require additional funding beyond school-based Indigenous Cultural Accounts.

Please see the following links for our current cultural presenters’ list and the full protocols for booking a Cultural Presenter