Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Any parent or guardian who has a child registered in Aspen Park Elementary School is a member at large of the PAC and may attend any regular PAC meeting.

The purpose of our PAC is:

  • to provide and maintain a parent liaison group at the school level with Aspen Park Elementary School Administration

The aims and objectives of the Aspen Park PAC are:

  • to serve as an advisory group to the school administration
  • to support DPAC in hosting education opportunities for parents in our school district
  • to help parents become more aware of the programs and services available thereby encouraging their children’s optimum use of the school system
  • to assist in decision making with regard to school district programs, policies and practices through participation at the District PAC level
  • to seek understanding of the rights and responsibilities of parents within the education system
  • to provide a framework for communication and information sharing among parents / guardians of the school
  • to financially support extra opportunities for the student body (for example: Arts, Music, Sciences, Clubs, and/or field trips)
  • to develop, improve and maintain communications between parents, educators, administrators, the Board of Education, and BCCPAC
  • to participate in the development and achievement of the goals of the district through representation at the District PAC level
  • to participate on district committees as opportunities arise
  • to participate at the provincial level by maintaining membership with BCCPAC and voting at the BCCPAC AGM when possible

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month.

2021 – 2022 Aspen Park PAC Executive

Chair Nikki Slack
Vice-Chair Pam Taylor
Secretary Kim Haslett
Treasurer Melissa Preston
DPAC Representative Lana Riva-Crerar
Fundraising Co-ordinator Kristen Sanderson
Salad Bar Co-ordinator Sarah Picard
Salad Bar Co-ordinator Laura Voller
Hot Lunch Co-ordinator Melissa Preston

Please email if you have any questions / suggestions or would like to connect with any of our PAC executive members.

Current Fundraisers:

PAC Meeting Minutes: