School Supplies

For Kindergarten to Grade 3 students

This year we will again provide basic school supplies and school planners (or back and forth bags) to primary (kindergarten to grade 3) students. Instead of parents purchasing individual sets of supplies, each teacher has budgeted and purchased the supplies their class will need throughout the school year and they will be asking parents to pay the cost associated with those supplies.  The goal is to better provide exactly what each child will need in their class next year and at the same time save parents some money. This allows each teacher to have the supplies they will use.

If you are uncertain how much school supplies cost for your class then please contact your teacher.  If financial issues make it difficult to provide payment for your child’s school supplies then please contact our Principal.

For Grade 5 to 9 students

Grade 4 to 9 students will provide their own supplies based on the supply list available here.

Parents can purchase them through TEACHER’S FILE, a local company (letter and form sent in separate email) 10% of all sales go directly back to the school. These supply bags will be delivered to the school in September. The link to this option is on our school website or you can go here. There is a late fee of $5 for orders placed online after July 15.

Of course, parents may also choose to purchase the supplies at other stores if they prefer.

Grade 4 to 6 Students may also have a planner fee of $7.