Use of School Facilities

Outlined below are some important reminders while using the school facilities:
Please remember that this facility is our children’s learning and play space and respect the following guideline Due to allergies, the building is SCENT FREE and likewise, we ask that you do not bring pets to the school or to the school playground.

  1. Smoking, spitting and the use of drugs or alcohol are NOT allowed anywhere on the school grounds.Failure to respect this requirement may result in your group being refused permission to use the school facilities.
  2. Please remember to clean your shoes or remove them at the front entrance
  3. The room is left tidy with all equipment placed back where it came from
  4. Equipment that is moved is put back where it was
  5. Smoking is done OFF the school grounds
  6. If you need to cancel contact the school or leave a message for the school custodian.
  7. If a space is cancelled no other group can use the space without going through the application process
  8. All rooms/space in school MUST be booked through the school office by completing an application form
  9.  If a group is late more than three times the group booking will be cancelled and the timeslot will be open for other groups to book. You will be notified by email if your group is cancelled; the group leader will be responsible for relaying this information to the users in the group.

There will be some costs involved, based on space, staff needed and timing. Each group will need to adhere to the guidelines, and be respectful of the space and equipment.

The online external user system is open to begin creating accounts.

See the instructions and link below to create your account, and once that has been approved, book some time in our lovely new spaces.

Click HERE to access the new Facility Rentals online booking system.

  1. External User registers online to join booking system.
  2. Account request is reviewed by the Facility Rentals Department.
    • User is unable to create permit request while the account is under review.
    • Review process takes approximately seven (7) working days from the time the account is created.
  3. User will receive email notification once account has been activated.
  4. Activated User can now begin submitting permit requests.
  5. The Facility Rentals Department reviews external request and forwards permit to PVP’s for review and approval.
  6. The Facility Rentals Department reviews once more prior to approving the permit.

School Timelines/Bookings: All use of school applications should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the date of use.

Purposes behind booking indoor and outdoor use is:

  • Signing and reviewing School District Policies and Protocols re: bi-laws and regulations, damage, liability insurance, fees, etc.
  • School District schedule for ongoing maintenance throughout the year which includes indoor and outdoor maintenance (i.e. painting lines in gym, carpet cleaning, mowing, repairs, etc.). As various groups use the school facilities we need to keep the schedule in order and make sure there are no overlaps or conflicts with group use or school district maintenance

Reminder:  During school closures due to holidays, power outages, poor weather conditions, etc. all use of school groups, meetings and programs will be cancelled. It is the group leader’s responsibility to contact the program(s) they are in charge of to inform them of any closures.