Volunteer Driver and Criminal Record Check

Volunteer Drivers and Criminal Record Checks for Volunteers

For those of you who plan on being a volunteer driver this year you will need to complete the Volunteer’s Driver form as well as complete a criminal record check. You will need the following:

  • Complete and sign the Volunteer Driver’s form (below)
  • Complete an Request Driver’s Abstract, and then email us the abstract
  • Provide a copy of your Driver’s License
  • A copy of insurance papers with proof that the vehicle has at least $1,000,000 in the third party liability insurance

For those volunteering with our school, we require a Criminal Record Check be completed. Please email us and make arrangements to fill out the form and complete the requirements.

It can take varying lengths of time to have this process completed. If you think you’d like to volunteer, please don’t wait until an event comes up! We can complete the process early so you’re ready to go!

Volunteer Driver Form (PDF)