Bus Schedule

Hornby Island School Bus Route 804 Schedule

Travelling to HICS
Cannon Rd7:45 AM
Cowie/Gunpowder7:46 AM
Gunpowder Rd7:48 AM
Up Slade Road 7:55 AM
Top of Strachan Road8:05 AM
Bond Road8:14 AM
8155 Central8:18 AM
Kirk and Chungranis8:20 AM
Harby Rd8:22 AM
Bottom of Jerow Rd8:25 AM
Seawright Rd8:27 AM
5525 Central Road8:28 AM
5100 Central Rd8:29 AM
ARRIVES at school8:30 AM
Travelling to Ferry
Gunpowder Rd3:43 PM
Cowie and Gunpowder 3:44 PM
Cannon and Gunpowder3:45 PM
Cannon Cres3:46 PM
Carmichael and Cowie3:47 PM
5500 Central Road3:50 PM
5525 Central Rd3:51 PM
Central and Slade3:55 PM
Seawright Rd3:57 PM
Bottom of Jerow Road4:00 PM
Sandpiper and Harby4:02 PM
Sandpiper and Arthurs4:03 PM
Strachan Rd4:10 PM
Bond Road4:17 PM
8155 Central4:20 PM
St. Johns Pt Rd and Gurney4:25 PM
1080 Central Road4:33 PM
3300 Shingle Spit Rd4:35 PM
Bottom of Mount Road4:38 PM
ARRIVES at Ferry4:40 PM

You can find more information related to the busing system, and the school busing registration form here.