Welcome to Queneesh Elementary

Administrator’s Message

On behalf of the entire staff, welcome to Queneesh Elementary School. Queneesh Elementary has developed a positive reputation in our community of being much more than a school. It is a caring community where families, students and staff work and learn together as a team supporting each other, encouraging the best in each other, and celebrating the accomplishments of all.

Teaching and learning are hard work. At Queneesh, we are committed to the development of a healthy school environment that allows all students to develop to their highest potential. We believe in appropriately challenging students to do their very best in all endeavours, to take pride in their work and, most importantly, themselves.

We will strive to ensure the best possible learning environment for your children, and we encourage parents to continue to be active participants in their learning throughout the year.

We believe that optimal learning can only take place in an environment that is enjoyable, safe, orderly, and caring. We value compassion, communication, connections, and community. We welcome your expertise, concerns, and suggestions as we strive to improve the learning environment for our children. Our minds and doors are always open.

Mr. Jason Cobey– Principal

Ms. Tamara Langan – Vice Principal