School Supply List

Dear Families,

On the first day of school please send your child with a:

  • backpack
  • water bottle
  • clothing for physical education
  • package of 5 duotangs (3 prong) for all grades
  • 2 packages of 12 pencils
  • package of lined paper
  • Grade 8 and 9 only – Please send a zip-up binder and dividers

The school will bulk purchase the remaining supplies needed. Please provide $30.00 to the school to cover the cost of additional supplies.

  1. e-transfers – they can be sent to – it is important to write in the message area what the transaction is for, i.e. student’s name, school supplies.
  2. Bring money to the office and one of our Administrative Assistants will help you.
  3. Send money with your child to pay in our office. (We suggest asking them to bring home the receipt.)

4. If money is tight and you cannot afford this cost, but would like us to provide supplies for your child, please contact Kyle Timms – Principal ( or Jessica Kerekes-Rinn- Counsellor ( and we can help with the cost of supplies.