Code of Conduct

Lake Trail Middle School is a positive environment that fosters learning and community engagement. It is the responsibility of all members of the school community to maintain this amazing school community that embraces diversity, honours relationships, and prepares all learners for a changing world.

Lake Trail Middle School’s Code of Conduct has been created to maintain a safe, caring, and respectful school environment. The purposes of the Code of Conduct are:

  • to clearly communicate behavioural expectations to the school community;
  • to maintain a safe, respectful, and welcoming learning environment for all students, staff, and parents;
  • to encourage the development of socially responsible behaviour resulting in a positive reputation for students and the school community.

The Code of Conduct applies to all members of the school community at any location or activity that will have an impact on our school environment. Read our Code of Conduct below.

Code of Conduct

Personal Electronic Device Guidelines

We recognize there are a wide range of reasons why students may feel they need personal devices at school. We also have experienced the negative impacts to social, emotional and academic development because personal devices are at school. Check out the guidelines here to review with your child(ren)

School Dress Code Policy

Lake Trail Community School is committed to providing students with learning environments that are safe and inclusive. We ask that students and staff wear clothing that allows them to participate in the intended activities. We also expect our staff and students to avoid wearing clothing that promotes drugs or alcohol, displays offensive language/images, or encourages discrimination.

Hardship Policy

Financial Hardship

No student will be denied the opportunity to participate in a course and/or activity associated with a course or specialty program in which they are enrolled because of financial hardship.

  1. Parents/Guardians and/or students should contact the principal in order that confidential, respectful and discreet arrangements can be made to ensure that a student is not denied an opportunity to participate in a course, program or activity.
  2. Principals have a responsibility to ensure that students are not excluded from a course, class, program or activity due to financial hardship. Principals will ensure that such cases are handled in a confidential, respectful and discreet manner.
  3. Any decision to refuse financial assistance may be appealed to the Assistant Superintendent.
  4. All procedures to determine financial hardship will be in compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act legislation.​

Lake Trail Community School Behaviour Flowchart

Observed Behaviours Flowchart

PROUD Matrix