​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Staff Directory


Position Name / email
Principal Ms. Christine VanderRee
Vice Principal Ms. Teresa Cameron


Position Name / email
Senior Administrative Assistant Ms. Clare Laughy


Division Name / email Website
Division 1 (K) Ms. Linda Peta
Division 2 (K) Ms. Nora Harwijne
Division 3 (Grade K/1 Mon. to Thurs.) Ms. Kimberly Veloso
Division 3 (Grade K/1 on Fri.) Ms. Alexandra Hoy
Division 4 (Grade 1) Ms. Melissa Stewart
Division 5 (Grade 1/2) Ms. Canda Monita
Division 6 (Grade 1/2) Ms. Rebecca Coley
Division 7 (Grade 2/3) Ms. Teresa Cameron
Division 7 (Grade 2/3 Tues., Thurs.) Ms. Emily Krasman
Division 8 (Grade 2/3) Ms. Katherine Sirrs
Division 9 (Grade 3) Ms. Amanda Davidge
Division 10 (Grade 3/4) Mr. Lee Hutchison
Division 11 (Grade 4 Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs.) Ms. Cassandra Von Niessen
Division 11 (Grade 4 Fri.) Ms. Jenni Cumming
Division 12 (Grade 5/6) Mr. Mat Zadvorny
Division 13 (Grade 5/6  on Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.) Mr. Doug David
Division 13 (Grade 5/6 on Wed.) Ms. Amy Lang
Division 14 (Grade 5/6 on Mon., Tues., Fri.) Ms. Amy Lang
Division 14 (Grade 5/6 Wed., Thurs.) Ms. Zbirun
Music Classes – (Divisions 1 to 9) Ms. Alexandra Hoy
Music Classes – (Divisions 10 – 14) Ms. Jackie Zbirun
Computer Classes Ms. Tanya Borden Ms. Borden’s Computer Blog


Position Name / email
Counsellor (Mon. and Wed.) Ms. Pauline Rankin
Teacher Librarian (Tues. and Thurs.) Ms. Ashley Hamilton
Aboriginal Support Worker Ms. Twyla MacDonald
Learning Support Teacher Ms. Jen Bell
Speech/Language Teacher (Fri.) Mr. TJ Dunn
Educational Assistant Ms. Karen Hayton
Educational Assistant Ms. Samantha Mikitka
Educational Assistant Ms. Simone Tottenham
Educational Assistant Ms. Maureen Weiman
Educational Assistant Ms. Jessica Yarrow
Educational Assistant Ms. Danielle Lane