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*Please Note – As the Hot Lunch and Salad Bar programs are fundraisers for the school, there are no refunds. If your child is absent on Hot Lunch and you do not pick it up at noon, it is considered a donation to the school. If you have any questions or problems please email:

The Hot lunch program is a fundraiser for both Robb Road PAC. Every Thursday our suppliers bring us (or a volunteer picks them up) our hot lunches and we (volunteer parents) are needed to sort and deliver hot lunches to the classes.

Please email our Hot Lunch coordinators if you are able to volunteer your time at:

École Robb Road COVID-19 Safety Plan


The École Robb Road PAC is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for staff, volunteers and students. The purpose of this document is to outline protocols and procedures to limit the transmission of COVID-19 during the delivery of the Hot Lunch program.


Hot lunches will be provided on Thursdays.


The Hot Lunch Program is facilitated by parent volunteers; they are not School District employees. We will run the program with 3-4 volunteers each Thursday. COVID – 19 safety Training and Protocols: All volunteers, as per Paul Berry’s recommendations, will be required to wear the provided volunteer badge as well as read and agree to the rules and regulations on the backside of the badge. They will also sign-in on the form provided.

    • No volunteers will bring other people with them (including young children).
    • Volunteers will practice appropriate hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette while on the school grounds and in the building.


    • non-medical mask to be worn at all times
    • wash hands for 20 seconds using the sink in the entrance hallway
    • physically distance when interacting with others
    • Intermediate grades will send a student or teacher to pick up their class bin.
    • Volunteers will deliver class bins to the class door of the primary grades.
    • No volunteer will enter any classroom.
    • No sales of food day-of will be allowed.
    • Leftover food will be donated.

Food Supplies

Food will be sourced from local vendors with COVID-19 safety plans in place. All food will be individually packaged.