To complete:

  1. Volunteer Driver and Vehicle Driver Form (attached), signed and dated.  We also have copies of this form at the office if you want to complete it here.  Please note that the number of students you can transport are to be in the BACKSEAT ONLY.
  2. Obtain your “Personal Driving Record” using the following link:  https://onlinebusiness.icbc.com/clio/.  Please ensure you have ICBC send it to robbroad@sd71.bc.ca.


Copies required:

  1. Insurance (both pages of ICBC registration showing at least $1,000,000 liability).
  2. Copy of private insurance you may have if you do not have $1,000,000 coverage through ICBC.
  3. Copy of driver’s license.


We cannot enter your information in our driver’s database until we have all of the above-noted documents.


If your insurance and/or driver’s license expires, please ensure to provide our office with updated copies of these documents if you wish to continue as a volunteer driver.


Please note that we do NOT keep driver information and copies of documents once the school year has ended.  If you wish to be a volunteer driver for the following school year you will need to provide these documents at the beginning of that school year once again.


Thank you.