Reporting Absences

Each morning, we verify all unaccounted absences through our Whereabouts Program. Your cooperation in reporting all absences (via School Messenger, email, or telephone is appreciated. If no word is received a phone call home will be made to check the whereabouts of your child. 

School Messenger

School Messenger is a communication suite used by Puntledge for attendance reporting and to notify parents of unexcused absences. Emergency notifications (e.g., snow closure) are also broadcast to parents/guardians using School Messenger. Instructions for opting-in to receive SMS text messages from SD71 can be found below.

An app is also available to parents/guardians that can be voluntarily installed to mobile devices allowing messages to be received on a mobile device. Instructions for how to sign-up, download and configure the app on your mobile device, as well as accessing the platform on the web, can be found below:

Student Tardiness

When students arrive at school on time they experience more success.  Please help your children start their day well by having them arrive at school prior to the beginning of instruction at 8:40 am.  We recommend that students arrive between 8:25 and 8:35 am.  If a child is not in class by 9:00 am, they need to sign in at the office counter.

Picking Up Students During the Day

When picking up a student outside of the regular dismissal times please check in with the office either in person or by phone on arrival. Please inform the office if you are sending someone other than your regular contacts to pick up your children.

Leaving During the Day

Unattended Students may not leave the school premises during school hours without written permission. Students are expected to go directly home after dismissal.

Student Drop Off/Pick Up

Our school has limited parking and drop off/pick up options. Please observe parking lot signage. Drop off and pick up (No Parking) can occur using the designated drop off/ pick up lane. Please pull way forward so others can pull in behind you. Vehicles should not be left in the drop off lanes. Just Stop, Drop and Go!!! Areas of the parking lot have been painted to indicate zone where vehicles should not stop. Please observe these areas. Here are the parking lot expectations.