The Puntledge Way


E – Education / l’Éducation
P – Personal Responsibility / Responsabilité Personnelle
P – Positive Citizenship / Civisme Positif
E – Environment / l’Environnement
S – Safety / La Sécurité

Education / l’Éducation

  • I give my best effort to school work
  • I respect others’ right to learn
  • I do what I can to be ready to learn
  • I put personal electronic devices away and on silent mode during the school day
  • I spend recess outdoors

Personal Responsibility / Responsabilité Personnelle

  • I accept responsibility for my behaviour / actions and tell the truth
  • I make good choices for a healthy self: sleep, food choices, physical activity, limit screen time
  • I avoid gossip and spreading rumors
  • I use my W.I.T.S.
  • I wear appropriate clothing at school
  • I follow adult requests

Positive Citizenship / Civisme Positif

  • I use a respectful voice, words and body language
  • I listen respectfully
  • I work and play with others fairly
  • I respect diversity and individuality in others
  • How can I help?
  • I am quiet during announcements, O Canada, assemblies, and presentations
  • I hold doors open for others and wait my turn

Environment / l’Environnement

  • I use garbage cans and recycle properly
  • I respect nature and the environment
  • I respect the property of the school and of others
  • I eat/drink inside
  • I “Pack it in / Pack it out” lunches and snacks

Safety / La Sécurité

  • I respect others’ personal space
  • I am kind to and accepting of others and let them make decisions for themselves
  • I use trees, sticks, rocks, and sports equipment to play safely
  • I ride with a helmet and walk wheeled vehicles on all sidewalks
  • I walk in hallways, classrooms and courtyard
  • I stay within school boundaries