Safe and Healthy Schools

School Visitors

Please be sure to check in at the office when visiting the school. Visitors will be asked to sign in and may be given a visitors’ badge. Please see the Volunteers and Parent Involvement Page

Stay Home When Sick

Anyone entering that school including staff, parents, caregivers, and students should not come to school if they are sick and unable to participate fully in routine activities. If a staff member, student, or other person develops symptoms of illness at school and is unable to participate in regular activities, they will be supported to go home until their symptoms have improved. Appropriate infection control precautions will be taken while the person is preparing to leave the school premises, including use of appropriate hand hygiene and cleaning/disinfection of surfaces soiled with bodily fluids. They may use a mask if they are experiencing respiratory symptoms.

Medication for Students

On occasion, we are asked by a parent/guardian to ensure that a child receives prescribed medication. Administrative Procedure 316 Management of Health Conditions and Medical Emergencies, Section 3 details the required procedure. No medication shall be given to any student without written direction from the doctor or parent/guardian. It is the responsibility of a student’s parent/guardian to complete and return to the school a Medical Alert and Prescribed Medication Record for their child and to ensure that appropriate medication is provided to the school and replenished as needed. If prescription medications are listed on the Medical Alert and Prescribed Medication Record, the form must be signed by a physician.

Emergency Response

Drills Regular drills such as Fire, Earthquake, Hold and Secure and Lockdown emergency response drills will be held throughout the year to practice student safety procedures. District emergency preparedness information can be found on the district website or September 2023 SD 71 Important info about school emergencies

School Closure

There will be occasions when schools must temporarily close due to inclement weather, power outages or for emergency reasons. The superintendent may make the decision to temporarily close any or all district schools when the safety of students and staff may be compromised. Parents, students and school district staff will be informed through the school alerting system, email, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, and by notifying local media by 6:30 a.m. – at the latest.

Every attempt will be made to post announcements about closures on the school district website, however, power outages may interfere. If there is no announcement on the school website /social media, please be sure to listen to one of the local radio stations:

  • 97.3 FM – The Eagle
  • 98.9 FM – The Jet
  • 100.7 FM -The Raven

No announcements by 6:30 am indicates schools are open and operating at usual.

Mental Health and Wellness

Comox Valley Schools is committed to the wellbeing of all students and staff. It is recognized in our Strategic Priority Plan as a top priority, and we continue to invest funding and resources to ensure we maintain and enhance a robust program that addresses all topics related to mental health. More information on mental Health Programs can be District website at


Thanks for keeping your dog leashed at all times on school property, especially during the crowded dismissal time.    Also, if your dog is a jumper/ biter or barks at people / other dogs, stay away from crowded dismissal areas.

Wildlife in the Area
We’ve had a lot of wildlife reported in the area lately. Through the Fall, there will likely be more sightings of cougars and bears. It is best to assume there will be wildlife regularly near our school and please review with your child information about possible encounters. This site has some good information and guidelines to follow.

Parking Lot – Please click here for parking lot expectations.

Bikes Around School  

While we absolutely encourage biking to school and in the school parking lot Wednesdays, we ask that bikes be used extremely cautiously around the grounds at arrival time in the morning and dismissal time in the afternoon.

Wacky, Wheely Wednesdays

Will start up again mid September in the school parking lot. Students are invited to ride their bikes, scooters,  skateboards, rollerblades before school and during the morning recess.  Supervision begins at 8:25 am and students must wear a helmet.  A reminder that the school parking lot will be closed Wednesdays until 11:15 am.   WWW will continue every week until November and then start back after Spring break.