General Information

Lost and Found

Frequently, items such as hoodies, gym strip or binders are mislaid. If the items are labelled with names, it greatly assists in their speedy return. A lost and found box and rack is kept in the hall by the gym for mislaid items and we encourage students and parents to check this box if something has been misplaced. Smaller items, such as keys, are kept in the office. The lost and found will be cleared out at the end of each month.  Left items will be donated to either our school’s free store or to a local charity.

Use of the Office Telephone

The school telephones are used for business and are in constant demand. Students must have permission from their teacher or the office to use the telephone at the office for cases of spe cial need. If a student is being detained after school and the parent is unaware, that student would be permitted to use the telephone to inform parents. Students will not be permitted to use the telephone to make after school social arrangements.

School Supplies:

We are excited that up to 50% of your child’s school supplies for this year have been covered by the Student and Families Affordability funds Grant, a one-time funding provided by the ministry to help offset costs.  The school will purchase all necessary materials over the summer and families will be asked to pay their portion in September.

We continue to believe that this model ensures equity and equality among all students as materials are ready and available in the classroom when needed.  It is also less wasteful overall.  The only items parents will have to provide are a backpack, lunch bag, water bottle and appropriate shoes for gym.

Dress Code:

École Puntledge Park is committed to providing students with learning environments that are safe and inclusive.

We ask that students and staff wear clothing that allows them to participate in the intended activities. We also expect our staff and students to avoid wearing clothing that promotes drugs or alcohol, displays offensive language/images, or encourages discrimination.

Comox Valley Schools Protocols

Consent for the Collection, Use and Sharing of Personal Information

­­­­­Schools and Districts collect, use, and share student personal information that is directly related to and necessary for their educational functions. For other school or education-related purposes, parental or student consent is required.

The Board of Education of School District No. 71 (Comox Valley) is seeking your consent to collect, keep, use and share photographs, videos, images, and/or names of students in a variety of publications and on the school or District’s website(s) for education related purposes, such as recognizing and encouraging student achievement, building the school community, celebrating your child’s accomplishments, and informing others about school and District programs and activities.

For example, student names, and/or images may be used or shared in

  • school and District communications, such as newsletters, brochures, reports in limited or public circulation;
  • school and District websites;
  • online communities created by teachers and administrators to share ideas, content and messages;
  • student and/or teacher made videos, CDs, and DVDs designed for educational use only;
  • the school yearbook;
  • press releases to local media and this includes photos of graduates that are posted annually

If you do not want this type of information published, complete the appropriate section of the Protocol and Consent Form that was sent home.

Consent for Outside Media in Schools
Media (including radio, television, newspapers, and other print and online media) are sometimes permitted or invited to come to the school or to school activities and allowed to take photos or video or conduct interviews with students, for the purposes of promoting public understanding of school programs, building public support for public education, encouraging student achievement, and celebrating your child’s accomplishments.

If you do not want your child to be involved in such activities, you need to:

  • Tell your child to avoid these situations,
  • Tell your child’s teacher of your wishes,
  • Complete the Protocol and Consent Form that was sent home and ask the school and school district to take reasonable steps to avoid this type of publication of your child’s name, image, or personal information by outside media.

Note that school and district staff cannot control news media access, photos/videos taken by the media or others in public locations (such as field trips or off school grounds) or school events open to the public, such as sports events, student performances, school board meetings, etc.