Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

​​Our Parent Advisory Committee meets on the third Wednesday of every month in the school library.

If you are a parent of a child that attends École Puntlege Park Elementary you are welcome to attend those meetings. Please read the PAC bulletin board in the school foyer by the main office for important notices and bulletins.

What is the purpose of the PAC?

Some people see the PAC as being about parties, school spirit, and fundraising; this is true, but it’s also important to look at the quality of parent engagement that happens around the activities that kids and parents enjoy and value.
In short, the PAC’s role is to:
LISTEN: Get parents’ views on school plans, and advocate for them.
SHARE: Provide parent education, help parents access the system.
COORDINATE: Support parent involvement, co-operation between home and school
(And RAISE MONEY to do the three things above)

PAC Budget – 2023-24 budget (1)

PAC executive:

Garth Yule (Treasurer), Tom Cutler (DPAC), Renee van Doorninck (Secretary),  Sara Flinn and Karen Andrews (Co-Chairs),

You can reach the PAC at:​

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