Grad Information

Grad 2021/2022 Events

November 29th, and 30th

December 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 6th, 2021

Please note that only grads can attend the appointment with only one outfit change.
December 8th, 2021 Winterfest – Doors open at 6:15 pm
January 24th-27th, 2022 Grad Photo retakes
February 3rd, 2022 Grad Meeting for Bursaries and Scholarships
March 11th, 2022 Bursary Applications Due at 1:00 pm
April 19th, 2022 Valedictorian Nominations Due
May 10th, 2022 Valedictorian Speeches / Voting to follow
June 25th, 2022 Time TBD

Your checklist for graduation:

🗹 Grad Photos – Check G.P. Vanier Website For Dates

🗹 Bursary Applications – Due March 11th

🗹 Yearbook – Deadline For Ordering February 15th

🗹 Grad Bio – Fillable Form G.P. Vanier Website

🗹 80 Graduation Credits Completed

🗹 CLC 12 (Careers 12), Capstone And 30 Hours Volunteer *or* Paid Work Experience

🗹 Library Fees – Return Books To The Library!

🗹 Grad/student Fees – To Be Announced

Graduation Requirements are located here.

Grade 12 students are able to create an account and login to the site below to access Provincial Exam results, transcripts and or Post Secondary Institution selections. Students will need their PEN (Provincial Education Number) which they can find on their Report Card or get from the office.

Click here to view instructions on how to order your transcript.

Click here​ to order your transcripts and certificates​​.


FEB 3RD, 2022

Please have a look through last years Bursary Program, Application Forms and Information below!

2021 G.P. Vanier Bursary Program – Application Deadline, March 12 at 1 pm.

Special Application forms for GP Vanier Bursary Program:

(Special applications are only required if noted in the Vanier Bursary Booklet)

Cmolik Scholarship – Due Feb 7th, 2022

Who should apply?

Eligible applicants must:

  • Be a current resident of BC
  • Have lived in Canada for at least 7 years,
  • Be in Grade 12 or a recent secondary school graduate,
  • Have demonstrated financial need,
  • Have faced adversity,
  • Plan to be a full-time student,
  • Be ineligible for the BC Tuition Waiver Program (for former youth in care),
  • Use funding for a post-secondary institution, trade or college, and
  • Be endorsed by their school principal.

In addition to meeting the eligibility requirements, student applications will be adjudicated by a selection committee that will consider the student’s proven resilience in the face of adversity, their positive work ethic, their academic suitability, their contributions to their community, the clarity of their educational goals, their focused commitment, their fit with the organization, and the support of their references.

Apply here:

If you wish to be nominated by Vanier, please submit a cover letter and resume to Ms. Collinge in Counselling by November 26th, 2021.

BC Excellence Scholarships

The BC Excellence Scholarship is awarded to 55 well-rounded high school graduates who have demonstrated service and leadership, both a school and in their communities, and who show aptitude for and commitment to their chosen career paths. Recipients receive a $5,000.00 scholarship voucher that they can redeem with the Ministry of Education after they are attending a designated post-secondary institution or BC authorized trades training provider.

Students have five years to redeem their BC Excellence scholarship vouchers; an expiry date is printed on each voucher and extensions are not possible.

Eligibility Requirements:

Students selected as conditional recipients of the BC Excellence scholarship must meet the following requirements by August 31 of their graduating year to be confirmed as a recipient and receive their scholarship voucher:

  • meet core eligibility requirements;
  • be eligible for a B.C. Certificate of Graduation (Dogwood Diploma);
  • fulfill the requirements of the B.C. Graduation Program;
  • be graduating (between September 1 and August 31) during the same year the scholarship is awarded; and
  • have the following final marks
    • Minimum “B” average in grades 11 and 12 courses required for graduation
    • Minimum “B” (73% or above) in Language Arts 12
    • Minimum “B” average, no more than one “C+” (67% or above), and no marks lower than “C+” in courses that fulfill graduation requirements for Science 11 or 12, Math 11, and Social Studies 11 or 12

Note: students may apply for both the BC Excellence scholarship and the Pathway to Teacher Education scholarship but they can only be awarded one.

Key Dates:

  • Early June 2021: conditional recipients and their schools notified by email
  • September 2021: conditional recipients checked against eligibility requirements
  • October 2021: paper scholarship vouchers mailed to confirmed recipients
  • Late Fall 2021: online applications for awards year 2022 open
  • February 2022: online applications for awards year 2022 due

North Island College

In March of every year, North Island College offers hundreds of bursaries to students.  If you are planning on attending, you can access these awards at this link:

General Bursary Information

Many Universities and colleges often have their own bursary and scholarship programs available to students interested in attending their institution. Check out the website of the university or college you wish to attend or contact their student services for more information.