Indigenous Education​

The indigenous Education Program here at G.P. Vanier is available Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 3:15pm. This is a program of inclusion for all students with a focus on students of Indigenous ancestry (First N​ations, Metis or Inuit). This ancestry can be determined on a voluntary basis through self-identification and includes Status, Non-Status, Metis or Inuit Ancestry and may extend several generations back in your family history.

Ms. Kathy Larson and Ms. Kristen Kirkpatrick are our Indigenous Support Workers here at G. P. Vanier. These individuals are assigned to support students in class.

​The Indigenous Education Program provides academic, cultural, leadership and personal support to students as well as arranging cultural presentations, post secondary sessions/field trips and lunch time groups. This service is provided to enhance G.P. Vanier’s school programs. If there is anything we can do to support your child please feel free to contact us.

For a list of resources to help staff and students with awareness around how to incorporate ​authentic and engaging Indigenous resources into classes: AbEd Resources


Kathy Larson (
Kristen Kirkpatrick (

Elder In Residence – Evelyn Voyageur, Thursdays Noon-2pm