School Goals

School Mission:

Learning with our heart, mind and body.  “Huband has Heart”

Values Statement:

At Huband Park we value Independence, Learning, Fun, Respect, Safety, The Environment, Activity, Healthy Choices and a caring empathetic school environment

How did we get to two goals?

So far this year we have had three sets of discussions with staff about goals/focus areas for the year.  This included looking at themes from our all day school based team.  This also included two discussion times during staff meeting in September and October.

With PAC and parents, the admin team showed the PAC at their October meeting the summary of focus areas developed by staff.  The principal also sent a survey home electronically to gather more suggestions and comments from parents.  105 responses were returned from parents which supported the two themes identified.

Goal #1: Social Emotional Learning

Will a school wide structured program like “WITS”, “Zones of Regulation” teach students the skills they need to better regulate their actions and emotions and help them increase their personal control of situations through problem solving?

Rationale for this Goal:

  • Anxiety and stress were common themes from class profiles we reviewed during all day school-based team meetings from September 25, 2017
  • Anecdotal evidence from staff that students are struggling with taking personal responsibility for their actions out on the playground
  • School now has 5 severe behavior designated students compared to none last year and consistency of behavior expectations is desired

Goal #2:  Writing

Will the use of a primary class based printing program “Printing Like a Pro”, Story Grammar Marker school wide and focus on the 6 Traits of Writing help students from K-7 develop their story and writing engagement in literacy?

Rationale for this Goal:

  • Printing and fine motor concerns a common theme from all day school based team meeting from September 25 2017
  • Teachers have noticed that many students struggle to understand the parts of a story, struggle with engaging in story writing and this translates to how students struggle with explaining their actions on the playground or in other behavior situations
  • Intermediates have all gone through a diagnostic process about their writing and there are areas for improvement in all the 6 writing trait areas
  • Teachers have been introduced to Story Grammar Marker and it has great potential for all areas of the school to help students focus on all the parts of a story

So what have we done?

  • Staff have had  professional development on Story Grammar Marker (SGM) as well as district OT and our School Psychologist worked with us on the mechanics of writing and how printing is very developmentally based!
  • We have been building out our school library with books that follow the SGM format well and purchasing more books to support SEL
  • Worked in conjunction with district curriculum support teachers on the 6 traits of writing in classes and completed a school wide writing activity just recently (next step is to score and analyze that work)
  • Had a Core Competency focus to each of our monthly assemblies this year with a very successful anti-bullying day assembly