Welcome to the Comox Valley Schools Elementary Basketball page.

Please see the attached schedules for the upcoming seasons.  Any cancelations won’t be rescheduled but will be posted on the main site.  We have also included some suggested rules.  An important note, students are still learning the game and Refs will do their best to enforce rules at an appropriate level.

The Girls 2022 Basketball Schedule

2022 Girls Basketball Schedule

Teams in bold are the host team.

January 26


Gaglardi @ Lake Trail

Puntledge Park @ Cumberland

Robb Road @ Aspen Park

Queneesh @ Brooklyn

Airport (BYE)


Feb 2.


Lake Trail @ Aspen Park

Airport @ Gaglardi

Brooklyn @ Robb Road

Queneesh @ Puntledge Park

Cumberland (BYE)


Feb. 9


Airport @ Queneesh

Puntledge Park @ Lake Trail

Cumberland @ Robb Road

Aspen Park @ Brooklyn

Gaglardi (BYE)


Feb. 16


Cumberland @ Queneesh

Lake Trail @ Airport

Brooklyn @ Gaglardi

Aspen Park @ Puntledge Park

Robb Road (BYE)


Feb. 23


Aspen Park@ Cumberland

Queneesh @ Gaglardi

Brooklyn  @ Puntledge Park

Airport  @ Robb Road

Lake Trail (BYE)



Important Note: Due to there being more teams in the boys/mixed league than in the girls league this season, the schedules for the girls and boys/mixed leagues are not mirror opposites this season (i.e. If Brooklyn girls are playing at Aspen, that does not mean Aspen boys are playing at Brooklyn).

The Boys 2022 Basketball (1)

2022 Boys/Mixed Basketball Schedule

Teams in bold are the host team.

January 26


Royston (Mixed) @ Gaglardi

Cumberland @ Puntledge Park

Aspen @ Robb Road

Brooklyn @ Queneesh

Airport @ Cœur de l’Ile (Mixed 1)

Coeur de I’lle BOYS @Valley View



Feb 2.


Aspen @ Royston (Mixed)

Gaglardi @ Airport

Robb Road @ Brooklyn

Puntledge Park @ Valley View

Cumberland @ Cœur de l’Ile (Boys)

Cœur de l’Ile (Mixed 1) @ Queneesh



Feb. 9


Queneesh @ Gaglardi

Brooklyn @ Puntledge Park

Robb Road @ Airport

Cœur de l’Ile (Mixed 1)@ Cumberland

Royston (Mixed) @ Valley View

Cœur de l’Ile (Boys)@ Aspen


Feb. 16


Queneesh @ Aspen

Airport @ Royston (Mixed)

Robb Road @ Cumberland

Cœur de l’Ile (Mixed 1) @ Brooklyn

Gaglardi @ Valley View

Puntledge Park @ Cœur de l’Ile (boys)


Feb. 23


Cœur de l’Ile (Mixed 1) @ Aspen

Gaglardi @ Cœur de l’Ile (boys)

Cumberland @ Valley View

Robb Road @ Queneesh

Puntledge @ Airport

Brooklyn @ Royston (Mixed)



Suggested Basketball Rules 2022