FInal 2023 Elementary Ultimate ScheduleA few notes:

We’ll be playing 5 on 5 (at least 2 players of each gender on the field at all times) and the games will last approx. 15 minutes.  Player substitutions after a point.


We are using a standard set of fields this year 25m-30m wide x 50m-60m long with 8m-10m end zones.

Special Elementary Rules

* minimum of 3 passes to different players before trying for the end zone – this encourages shorter passes to as many players as possible and less reliance on the long bomb and/or the same players getting the disc all the time.  This isn’t possible/practical when turnover happens deep in offensive zone.  To be applied with discretion and in keeping with the spirit of discouraging the “long bomb” and spreading the disc around.

* a player defending the thrower will mark “straight on” at a distance of arms’ length – we want to encourage throws / plays and not stymie handlers with a tight check.

Airport 1 team
Puntledge 2 teams
Robb Road 1 team
Brooklyn 2 teams
Valley View 1 team
Aspen 2 teams
Royston 1 team

June 14th

@ Valley View

4 fields

Valley View Puntledge 1

Cumberland Puntledge 2

Brooklyn 1 Royston

Airport Brooklyn 2


Puntledge 1 vs. VV 

Brooklyn 1  Bye

Brooklyn 2 vs. Puntledge 2 

 Royston vs Airport


Puntledge 1 Bye

VV vs. airport 

Puntledge 2 vs. Brooklyn 1 

Brooklyn 2 vs Royston


Puntledge 1 vs. Brooklyn 2 

Puntledge 2  BYE

Airport vs. Brooklyn 1

Royston vs Valley View