Meet Our Staff


Indigenous Support Workers (ISWs)

Based on the Indigenous Education Enhancement Agreement, our ISWs provide direct support to all self-identified Indigenous Students K-12.  Their main role is to make connections with students and to provide the following:

  1. To foster every Indigenous student’s sense of belonging, cultural identity and self-esteem.
  2. To foster the academic success of all Indigenous students through personalized learning.
  3. To foster the awareness and understanding of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit history, traditions and culture for all students.
  4. To foster Indigenous students’ skills, qualities and confidence in leadership.

Indigenous Education Curriculum Support Teachers

Our three curriculum support teachers provide direct support to teachers with the First Peoples Principle of Learning in classrooms. They work closely with school district staff to weave indigenous ways of knowing and being throughout all levels of the curriculum.

Student and Family Program Worker

The family program worker works as part of school-based teams and district teams to provide supplementary support to Indigenous students, particularly those at-risk students. They support K-7 students and families district wide.

Indigenous Liaison Coordinator

Provides support to the Indigenous Education team and community by acting as a liaison with various organizations and community groups.  They act as a representative and advocate at committee meetings.  They also support Indigenous Education programs across the district.

Indigenous Education District Office

Oversees and supports the Indigenous Education team to ensure that all Indigenous students have access to support and service.

Meet Our Indigenous Education Staff

Indigenous Support Workers

Airport Elementary  Meet Andrea Nauta

Arden Elementary  Meet Sandi Phye 

Aspen Elementary  Meet Ann Billie

Brooklyn Elementary  Meet Cheryl Graham

Courtenay Elementary Meet Holly Douglas

Cumberland Community School Meet Ineke Burritt and Corrina Mahoney

Denman Island School Meet Heather Royal Brant

Ecole Puntledge Park Meet Shawna Eggleston and Lena Murdock and Jamie Boxall

Ecole Robb Road Meet Pauline Engisch

George P. Vanier Secondary Meet Troy Donovan, Jacqueline Morgan and Savannah Seigler

Glacier View Secondary Meet Mel Norris

Highland Secondary Meet  Kath Larson and Luke Robinson 

Hornby Island School Meet Heather Royal-Brant

Huband Park Elementary Meet Debbie Allen and  Megan Samis

Lake Trail Middle School Meet Paul Arthur and  Jenna Flint

Mark R. Isfeld Secondary Meet Jeannie McDonald and

Miracle Beach Elementary Meet Annette Blecic

Nala’atsi School Meet David Dawson

NIDES Navigate Meet Megan Samis

Queneesh Elementary Meet Erin Kotyk and Jaymie Newton

Royston Elementary Meet Twyla MacDonald

Valley View Elementary Meet Colleen Furlotte

Indigenous Education Curriculum Support Teachers

Meet Gail Martindale (elementary K – 7)

Meet Lynn Swift (elementary K – 7)

Meet Lelaina Jules (secondary  8 – 12)

K’ómoks First Nation Student Success Teacher

Meet Natasha Rainkie (K-12)

Student and Family Program Worker

Meet Gwen Monnet


Indigenous Liaison Coordinator

Meet Chettie Macdonald

Distance Learning Support 

Administrative Assistant – Meet Giselaine Ballantyne

Indigenous Support Teacher – Meet Richard Turenne

Indigenous Support Worker – Meet Kris Prince

Indigenous Support Worker – Meet Alana Alix

Indigenous Education Office

Senior Administrative Assistant – Meet Sue Cambrey

District Principal – Meet Bruce Carlos


If you, or someone you know are interested in working with Indigenous Education, please send us an email or call today for more details: / 250 331-4040

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