Athletics Philosophy

At Mark R. Isfeld we are proud of our comprehensive athletic program which offers opportunities for all students in grades 8 through 12 to participate in athletics in the sports of Volleyball, Field Hockey, Soccer, Aquatics, X-Country Running, Football, Rugby, Basketball, Wrestling, Track and Field, Golf, Disc Golf, Curling, Gymnastics, Skiing and Snowboarding.

At all grade levels participants are held to a high level of commitment, dedication, sportsmanship and fairplay. We pride ourselves in the respect we show our teammates, coaches, officials and opponents.

At the Grade 8 level we emphasize fun, inclusive participation, and skill development. At this level we try to instill values of commitment, accountability and teamwork. Most of our competitions are within our own district.

At the Junior level (grades 9 and 10) we continue to emphasize fun, participation and skill development. The expectations surrounding commitment and dedication are often increased due to longer seasons, more practice requirements and some out of district competitions.

At the senior level (grades 11 and 12) our athletics strive for excellence and require high levels of commitment. Seasons lengthen and out of district travel often increases. We support and celebrate our Island Championships and Provincial Placings on plaques in our gymnasium.

We value the role that the student-athlete plays in our school and strive to support them academically and by providing citizenship/volunteer opportunities. Student-athletes should strive to be in good academic and social standing within our school.

We welcome senior students to help coach our Grade 8 and Junior teams as well as scorekeeping and officiating responsibilities.

We celebrate our athletic successes throughout the year in our local media and at the end of the year by welcoming student-athletes, their families, staff and coaches and members of the community to our Annual Athletic Banquet where major athletic awards are presented.