Grad Information

Grad Information

The Graduation Ceremony 

Our Graduation Ceremony is scheduled for the afternoon of Saturday, June 26th starting at 2:00 PM. At this time, the ceremony will be a ‘drive thru’ event, very similar to last year’s, to align with the other main SD71 high schools as well as Provincial Health Orders regarding social gatherings. Last year, students arrived to first gather their gown and “gift bag”, then receive their diploma booklet and have their photo taken while crossing our outdoor stage. The grad ceremony (speeches, photos, recognition) was produced as a video, and provided to families for viewing later at home. There will be more information regarding the timeline and details of the event in future message.

Our 2021 Graduates will be participating in a ‘drive thru’ graduation event on Saturday June 26th starting at 2:00 p.m.

For the ‘drive thru’ ceremony, we are requesting that our Grads be a passenger in a car driven by their parent/guardian and drive up in the main entrance at their predetermined time slot (next section). The reception/stage area will be setup outside the school, under a large tent. Grads will step out of their car just past the first crosswalk, move down the sidewalk to collect their “swag bag” at a designated area, and then line up social distancing waiting to cross a stage. In addition to their Grad booklet, the ‘’swag bag” will have some gifts and may also contain any bursary letters or school award certificates. While lined up, there will be an opportunity for photos at the ‘red carpet’, just prior to having their photo taken while crossing the stage/reception area.

While the Grads move through the above steps, all guests stay in their car as it moves up in up the ‘drive thru’ order, finally stopping right next to the stage/reception area at same time their graduate arrives. Once next to the stage, guests can take pictures while staying in their car and wait to pick up their graduate once they have crossed the stage. In respect of our ‘drive thru’ event protocols, we are requesting that guests do not park in the parking lot and gather near the stage.

‘Drive-Thru’ Arrival Times: We will be using 10-minute slots, accommodating 10 graduates in each time slot, but allowing students to signup for available times so they can coordinate arrival with other grads. The signup sheets will be available next Monday in the Isfeld front foyer starting at 2:20pm. Monday. We need to structure arrival times in this manner to best accommodate or 160 graduates and their families during our ‘drive thru’ event.

We will be providing Grad gowns again this year, so we need student height measurements to our office by 3pm on April 28th. You can email your height to or fill it out on the form on the main office window. Info is currently out in our announcements. Our plan is to provide the gowns to students so they can take them off the school site for additional photos with family and friends. PHO large group gathering restrictions will limit the opportunity to take larger group/family photos on site here at Isfeld on Grad day.

Grad Cap and Gown: All Grads will have the opportunity to collect their Grad cap and gown several days prior to the 26th. This will allow for photos earlier in on grad day for those who wish to have this option and being ready for the ceremony. Graduates may also choose to wear the Grad gown to the ‘drive thru’ ceremony or arrive in their formal attire. The cap, complete with date tassel, and gown have been ordered for each graduate to keep and do not need to be returned. This allows for further photo opportunities with family after the ‘drive thru’ event, while keeping in mind current gathering restrictions in place for the public.

Grad ‘car route’: Once grads have collected their packages and left the stage, then Grad and families are encouraged to drive along a “Grad Route” around the Isfeld area. This route is attached and provides another opportunity for friends and community members to line the route and join in on our Grad’s celebration. After completing the driving route, cars can then return home so that families can enjoy the Grad ceremony video at their convenience. The video will be available as a video download link on our website, on the day of Grad.

Additional reminder, immediate attention may be required.

Grad dress/formal attire photos: The deadline for your Grad Dress/ Formal attire photos will be extended to Monday, June 7th, (3pm) and those go to Lisa Nicholls. If you have not already done so, please submit a formal attire photo of yourself taken before the cut-off Monday. Where possible, we would like every Grad to have two pictures to display on the ceremony video.

There will be no Grad fees for our 2021 Graduates. The school will be covering all the costs associated with the ceremony, video and keepsakes.

On Monday, graduates will have an opportunity to view the video submissions of 5 applicants in the final phase of the selection process – the Grad student vote. The Valedictorian staff committee has selected the 5 students (in alphabetical order) to move on to this final phase.

  • Noah Aldinger
  • Isabella Anderson
  • Mirren Buchanan
  • Sarah Dolman
  • Louis Payne

The above listed students will have their video submission presented to you, our graduates through a video streaming session next Monday at the end of your D block class, here at school. This will be followed by an online grad student vote via Microsoft Forms. The voting link will be emailed to you Monday, and voting will be open from 2pm Monday, May 31 until 2pm Tuesday, June 1. Isfeld Graduates will be asked to select their ONE pick for valedictorian, and the overall top selections (typically two, but last year three) will be your valedictorians this year.

After student voting is completed on Tuesday, the successful candidates will be announced.

We will be asking you to vote on a Grad song as well. Appropriate nominations are being collected via the group chat over the weekend, and choices will be on the ballot along with your valedictorian selection.

Please connect via email with your TA teacher about your questionnaire and Bio speech. The TA list has been posted, and many TA teachers have already tried to reach out to grads but have not got a response from you. Deadline for your completed questionnaire to TA teachers is Monday, the 31st.

Your formal attire photo (as per my May 19th email) is due to Lisa by June 4th. Please review that email or see the Grad webpage for details.