Grade 8 and New Student FAQs

What does the first day look like?

Grade eight and new students will be the only students in the building on Wednesday, September 6th, 2023. You will spend time in an assembly and your Teacher Advisory (like a homeroom).

Do we start classes on the first day?

You will meet your TA teacher on Wednesday the 6th, but regular classes do not start until Thursday, September 7th.  Thursday will be a full day with a block order of  HGFE(day 4) and will begin with your Teacher Advisory.

Where is my homeroom?

At Isfeld, your homeroom is called your Teacher Advisory (TA)TA groups will include students from all grades.  You will find a list of TA assignments in the foyers near the front entrance, the gym, and the back entrance when you get here on Wednesday.  Please come a bit early to find your TA number and TA teacher’s name.

How do I get my locker? Do I need my own lock?

The school will provide all of the locks and you do not need to bring one.  You will get assigned your locker by your TA teacher on Wednesday.

What school supplies do I need?

Required supplies will vary by class and teacher.  You will find out what you need from your teachers in the first week of class.  It is a good idea to bring a binder, lined paper and a pen and pencil to your first few classes.

When do I get my schedule?

You will be given your timetable in your TA after the assembly on Wednesday. If your timetable is incomplete, you should contact your specific counsellor or vice-principal by email.

Who are my counsellors and vice-principal?

Is there a cafeteria?

There is no cafeteria so most students bring a lunch from home and eat in the halls or outside. There are occasionally food sales put on by the Lifeskills program(usually Monday, Wednesday & Friday.  Also there are bake sales or other food sales in the daily announcements in your TA throughout the year. Isfeld does provide a salad bar usually on Thursdays and sign up is on line.

Transit Bus

If you take a transit bus to school, they have a new routes and schedule times, so check here. If you ride your bike, the lock-up area is in front of the school.