Master Corporal Mark R. Isfeld

Mark R. Isfeld Secondary school opened in 2001. The building was rededicated from Courtenay Junior Middle School to honour the life of Canadian Army Combat Engineer, or Sapper, Mark Robert Isfeld. 

Mark Robert Isfeld served as a Combat Engineer in the Canadian Forces, holding the rank of Master Corporal within the 1 Combat Engineer Regiment. As part of his duties with this regiment, Mark was responsible for the removal of deadly landmines. On June 21st, 1994, while serving on a peace-keeping mission in Croatia, the personnel carrier Mark was walking in front of hit a landmine, and he was killed. 

Mark is remembered for his compassionate views of the war-torn countries in which he served. The work he did was essential to creating a safer world, and he often said, “Every mine I lift means someone doesn’t die.” Mark’s contributions with the 1 Combat Engineer Regiment were not only significant but also demonstrated a deep respect for the individuals he encountered in the countries where he served. Motivated by compassion, he documented his journeys through photography, capturing both the places he went and the people he met. Mark will also be remembered for distributing hand-crocheted dolls his mother made to local children – a legacy that continues today.