Master Corporal Mark R. Isfeld

Mark R. Isfeld Secondary School opened in September 2001. The building was re-dedicated from Courtenay Junior Middle School to Mark R. Isfeld Secondary School to honour the life of a Canadian peacekeeper and to begin the transition from a middle school to a secondary school.

Mark R. Isfeld was a peacekeeper in the Canadian Forces. He was a Master Corporal with the Canadian Military Engineers and one of his tasks included removing deadly landmines. On June 21st, 1994, Mark was killed when the personnel carrier he was walking in front of hit a landmine.

Mark is remembered for his compassionate views of the war-torn countries in which he served. He often said, “Every mine I lift means someone doesn’t die”. With his kind-hearted nature, Mark wrote about and photographed the places and people he met. He was also known for the hand crocheted dolls his mother made for him to distribute to the local children.