Date: Friday  

Appel, Ann MariePort 6English Studies support
Bayles, Esther205Room 205 is available for all students and teachers as a Test Centre.
Beckett, Heather202Support with English 9 and 10 and Law assignments.
Buckle, JanaStudent ServicesStudent Support - post-secondary, graduation credits/transcript, bursary/scholarship, mental health and well-being.
Cooke, LisaPort 3Support for English 8 and 9
Courage, Andrea/ Akerley, Catherine205Room 205 is available for all students and teachers as a Test Centre.
Cunningham, ColinFitness CentreFitness Knowledge support, weight room use.
Duncan, LinsayBand RoomPlaying test catch up / re-do and open room for practice and help
Feustel, Alan508Flex block not available due to semster 2 trade sampler.
Floucault, Lawrence306Math 9, Français langue 10 and Sciences naturelles 10 support.
Ganga, CarolynSpanish 9 & 10 help and general Navigate NIDES support.
Graham, Dave306Math and Chemistry support, test writing and lab make-up
Gravel, Louis203French Immersion/Core French support Grades 8-10
Green, Larry100Math help for Workplace Math 10 & 11 and Foundations of Math 11
Hagel, CoralGymSupport for Citizenship
Hagel, StaceGym
Hockin, KirkPort 2Hockin: Support for Math/Sci students
Holland, Shawn201Support for New Media 10, English First Peoples 11, and English 12
Janzen, Greg106Visiting students will receive assistance in math, science or careers related work. All are welcome!
Jones, Sarah104assignment completion, gr 8 math extra help
Joubert, Kristjan101Here to support students in français langue 8 and 10. I can also support students in sciences humaines 8.
Keeping, BrittanyFitness CentreFitness Knowledge support, weight room use
Keys, Stephanie101Academic support for Sciences Humaines 10/11, Francais Langue 🙂
Kroeker, MariannickPort 1Day 1 and day 3 Mme Kroeker is available for Sciences Humaines 9 et 10 support and catch up.
Lagrandeur, Pascal102Academic support for francais langue 8-9, Sciences Humaines 8-9 and Core French 8
Larizza, Etel510Support for Photography 10, Marketing 11-12, Art 8 and 9 available in room 510!
Lineger, PeterCLE 10/11 support Sci. Nat. 8ie
Lockquell, Jouska509Studio space and art support
MacKinnon, Ross506CLE 8/10 and Leadership 9 Support
Mann, Jessica300Students can make up missed food labs and recieve support with missed course work.
Mather, Alissa404Social Studies 10, GPS 12, Psychology 12 support and Model UN.
McCallum, AmyPort 5Support for Sciences humaines 9 or Core French 9
McKillican, Debra105Academic support for Chem 11 and Anat & Phys 12
Morellato, Tara405Students can make up missed food labs and recieve support with missed course work. Students can also finish their sewing project.
Mulrooney, Victoria403International student support; Interact projects and planning
Murcheson, Kim103Academic support (and / or test corrections) for PC Math 11 and Calculus 12. Math Contest Support for Gr 11 and 12 Students interested in writing the Waterloo Math Competitions.
Nelson, Phil303Math 8/9 and Science 8 test make up/support.
Pahl, S302Science 9: Circuit Challenge Extension and HW corrections if student had been absent. FMPC 10: Help on assignments for Linear Systems assignments/review and quiz corrections. Missed tests/quizzes must be pre-arranged and set up in Room 205 or Opps. Unit 7 duotangs are DUE! (last day of the course).
Parry, AllieStudent ServicesFree for drop-in appointments.
Parsons, Chantel401Academic support for Humanities 8, History 12, Genocide Studies 12.
Pendak, Jesse305Academic support for Physics.
Peters, Jordan301Academic support for Creative Writing 10, English First Peoples 11, and English Studies 12. Creative writing mentoring for all students.
Reintgen, Claudia404SS10 Academic support
Richards, Tracy/Lila ArmstrongLibraryCANVA, AI (learn ethical use), 3D printing, book dragons
Riley, Jen511Academic support for English 8
Roy, Stephane402Academic support and tests writing for Fral 11 and Fral 12
Slomp, HannahPortable 1Academic support it offered on Flex Days that fall on ABCD or BADC scheduled Fridays. Please come to portable 1.
Spencer, PeterstageImprov.
Storey, Aarlen406Academic support - computers available. Our room is available for teachers/students as a space to write tests.
Tattrie, JimWood Shop/507Open to current shop students requiring extra-time to work on class projects/coursework (max 24)
Taylor, Mark200Computers available for all students wanting to learn, school or non-school related. Math, Science, and Computers help available.
Tobacca, BlakeGymCoed Basketball Skills Training Grades 8-12
Welbourn, Rachel304Math/Science support. Math support for those wanting to write Waterloo Math Contests in grades 8-10...or if anyone is interested in a math club!
Williams, AndreaStudent ServicesStudent Support - post-secondary, graduation credits/transcript, bursary/scholarship, mental health and well-being.

Flex Block Guidelines:

  • It is a block within the required school day (9:00 – 3:10) with the same attendance expectations as all other blocks. Students have the flexibility to choose where they attend.
  • If a student is required by a teacher to be in attendance in their room to complete missing assignments/tests that will take priority over all other activities.
  • Support from parents/guardians is paramount in Flex block being successful. Parent encouragement to ensure students use Flex block as a valuable tool in their learning journey through consistent attendance, work completion and involvement in the many positive aspects of our school culture is key factor in student success.
  • The Flex block structure will be reviewed at the end of each term. Key indicators will be attendance, course/assignment completion, involvement in school culture activities and parent feedback among others.
  • Administration will continuously communicate with students and staff regarding the Flex block structure. If it is deemed it is not being used as intended or helping to achieve school goals, we will return to a regular block schedule.

Our Flex block will take place on Fridays starting the second week of school starting and will follow this bell schedule:

Block One9:00 – 9:55
Block Two9:58 – 10:53
Block Three10:56 – 11:51
Lunch11:51 – 12:36
Block Four12:39 – 1:39
FLEX1:42 – 3:10