Date: Friday November 18, 2022

Appel, Ann MariePortable 3Academic support for Eng 9-12
Bayles, EstherRoom 205Used by all teachers for all students, as a test center.
Beckett, HeatherRoom 202English support, SJ support and activities, Environment Club activities
Bolin, CaitlynRoom 306Science 8 Support
Buckle, JanaStudent Services
Chase, LisaRoom 510Drop in for Art and Photo. Test and assignment catch up Marketing/Entrepreneurship
Cooke, LisaRoom 511Academic Support for Humanities 8, available until 2:30
Courage, AndreaRoom 205Access Centre- Drop-in academic support and invigilating for tests/exams
Cunningham, ColinWeight RoomWeight Room supervision for those students developing/continuing an Extension of Learning Plan
Dockerill, SylviaRoom 405Completing worksheets. Working on sewing tasks and projects.
Duncan, LinsayBand Room 512Open room for all grades - Practice, Playing Test catch-up/re-do, theory and one on one help
Feustel, AlanMetal Shop Room 508Room 508 is open for current student project work and most importantly at this time, catch up for students that have missed safety instruction and tests.
Gellatly, TaraPort 1Academic support for English 9, French 8 and French 9.
Graham, DaveRoom 306One on One math and science tutoring, lab activities make-up.
Gravel, LouisRoom 203French Immersion 8-9 Francais and Sciences Humaines Support
Green, LarryRoom 100Life Sciences complete missing projects.
Hagel, CoralRoom 506Citizenship/Careers catch up
Hagel, StaceGymVolleyball skills, drills and games
Hockin, KirkPort 2Academic support for any of my students. Quiz/Test make up opportunity.
Holland, ShawnRoom 201Support for English 9-12
Janzen, GregRoom 106Support for Math and CLC students mainly, but honestly anyone who drops by is likely to get some attention.
Jokanovich, CarolRoom 404Support for Fr 8/9, Spanish and Psych. Quiz make up and assignment completion.
Jones, SarahRoom 104Math and Environmental science support and make up tests
Kaiway, Katie
Keys, StephanieRoom 101Academic support for Sciences Humaines 10 and 11; Leadership 10/11 support
Lagrandeur, PascalRoom 102Academic support for my gr.8 and 9 French Immersion and Core French 8
Lineger, Peter
Lockquell, JouskaRoom 509Studio space and support for art classes
MacKinnon, RossRoom 506Academic support for CLE 8 Students
Mather, AlissaRoom 302Academic support for Humanities 9, Social Studies 8, and Law 12 students; assistance with MUN preparations
McCallum, AmyPortable 5Academic support for French Immersion 9 and 10. Also, help with setting up Canvas.
McKillican, DebraRoom 105Academic support/Lab Activity Make-up Chem 11/Anatomy and Physiology 12
Mulrooney, VictoriaRoom 403International student support for all subjects; Interact Club Shoebox project-- decorate boxes, write cards, organize, etc
Murcheson, KimRoom 103Pre-Calculus 12 and Economics 12 Support. Math Contest Support starts in October.
Nelson, PhilRoom 303Science 10 Energy Test make up
Pahl, SimmyPortable 6FMPC 10- support on assignments and quiz corrections from Linear Relations & Functions unit. Check Answer Key for Day 4 Assignment. Science 9 assignment support (Mr. Floucault will be here to assist.) Missing tests and quizzes are to be completed in the Access Centre- Please arrange ahead of time.
Parry, Allie
Parsons, ChantelRoom 401Academic support for Humanities 8, Genocide Studies 12, History 12.
Pendak, JesseRoom 305Academic support, for Physics 11/12, 8 Math/Science, Chess, D & D
Peters, JordanRoom 301Academic support for English First Peoples 11 and English Studies 12 / Creative writing mentoring for all students.
Ramwell, DevonRoom 206
Reintgen, ClaudiaGym
Richards, Tracy/Lila Armstronglibrary (maybe 506 as well)Library open for quiet computer use, but tables will be getting cleared from class display on Friday.
Riley, JenRoom 511Academic support for English 8
Roy, StephaneRoom 402Support for Fral-9,11 and Fral-12 ("Evaluation Litteratie" prep for Fral-12)
Smith, BradStageImprovisational skills for all interested improvers . . . . all grades.
Storey, AarlenRoom 406Academic Support. Computer Access.
Test writing
Tattrie, JimWood Shop / 507The shop is open to support students in need of extra time. Any student missing a safety demonstration/quiz must attend.
Taylor, MarkRoom 200Room is open for Math help, computers are available for learning and schoolwork.
Tobacca, BlakeGymBasketball Skills for All Grades
Watt, ChristiRoom 400ILC (room 400) - Capstone conferencing with individual students as well as availability for students working on distance courses or needing computers and/or academic support.
Welbourn, RachelRoom 304Lab exam make up. Support for Mathématiques 8 and Sciences Naturelles 10 (Math Contest prep and Math circles, everyone welcome-)
Willard, Nathan Portable 4Academic Support for Science 10, Math 9 and Foundations of Math 12
Williams, AndreaStudent Services
Williamson, TammyRoom 3001st half - FoodSafe Exam; 2nd half - grade 8 sewing catch up
Yilmaz, KaylaRoom 206
Running ClubGym FoyerMeet Lynda Magor or Mr. Cunningham in Gym Foyer

Flex Block Guidelines:

  • It is a block within the required school day (9:00 – 3:10) with the same attendance expectations as all other blocks. Students have the flexibility to choose where they attend.
  • If a student is required by a teacher to be in attendance in their room to complete missing assignments/tests that will take priority over all other activities.
  • Support from parents/guardians is paramount in Flex block being successful. Parent encouragement to ensure students use Flex block as a valuable tool in their learning journey through consistent attendance, work completion and involvement in the many positive aspects of our school culture is key factor in student success.
  • The Flex block structure will be reviewed at the end of each term. Key indicators will be attendance, course/assignment completion, involvement in school culture activities and parent feedback among others.
  • Administration will continuously communicate with students and staff regarding the Flex block structure. If it is deemed it is not being used as intended or helping to achieve school goals, we will return to a regular block schedule.

Our Flex block will take place on Fridays starting September 24th and will follow this bell schedule:

Block One9:00 – 9:55
Block Two9:58 – 10:53
Block Three10:56 – 11:51
Lunch11:51 – 12:36
Block Four12:39 – 1:39
FLEX1:42 – 3:10