The Highland Graduation Ceremony is Saturday May 28th and if you are one of those parents whose child comes home with all the information and is happy to share it with you (without any prompting) then congratulations! If that is your situation, you probably already know everything you need to know, and this newsletter is irrelevant.
However, if your child is a great keeper of secrets, particularly ones related to school, please read on.

Informational Items

Grad Spring Extravaganza

o This will be a BBQ/games event happening at Highland May 19th from 4:30 – 7:30
o Burgers will be $2, hotdogs $1, and drinks $1. You will first go to the payment tent at the event to get these food/drink tickets and then line up for the food!
o There will be games for the grads to take part in and fun to be had by all.
o Parents and students are invited
o In the event of rain, we will move events from the back field into the school

Grad rehearsal

o Students are all expected to come to the grad rehearsal at 2:00 Friday Maty 27th in the Multi-purpose room.
o This is where you will get your gowns for the ceremony and get a run-through of what to expect on grad day.


o Last minute yearbooks can be purchased for $45 in the office at the money counter, first come first served

30-hour grad requirement

o Students should come see Tracey as soon as possible if they are not completed their 30-hour work/volunteer graduation credit. They will not graduate without this.

Graduation Day Schedule: Saturday, May 28th, 2022

1:30 p.m. All grads required on site at the Filberg Lodge
2:00 p.m. Commencement ceremony begins
4:00 p.m. Ceremony ends; Reception begins
4:15 p.m. Minuet and parent dances on the lower lawns

Frequently Asked Questions About Graduation

What is a Grad Fee and what does it cover?
The grad fee is $100.00, payable at the money counter in Highland’s main office. Grad fees are past due at this time. You will not receive your six graduation ceremony tickets if this is not paid. Grad fees support gown rental, dessert night food/rentals/entertainment, grad BBQ food/rentals, and facilities/operations/equipment rentals at the Filberg. The expected cost for these events is $15,000

Are there any additional fees for Graduation?
As always, students are held responsible for textbooks loaned, and outstanding fees. If these outstanding fines or fees are not paid, they will be added to the grad fee.

How many tickets are issued to each Grad? How do I obtain them?
Each grad will be issued 6 tickets on May 24th, which will gain entrance to either the Filberg Lodge site or the school gym. You may request more tickets by contacting the office, although there is no guarantee that you will receive them. You will not be given tickets if your grad fees are not paid. Any extra tickets will be distributed evenly among those who have put their names on the list for more.
**Please do not ask for the maximum number of tickets if you do not need them**

I have heard that the ceremonies are going to be held outside – is this true?
Yes, weather permitting – the ceremonies will be held at the Filberg Lodge grounds. Please prepare for the weather in the event of cooler temperatures or a rain shower.

Is there a backup plan if the weather prohibits outdoor activities?
The alternative venue will be Highland’s gymnasium. Mr. Patterson will decide by 3:00 p.m. on May 27th as to the appropriateness of the weather. The decision will be posted on the school website at that time. Remember, seating is limited in the gym due to fire regulations, and guests will not be admitted without the appropriate tickets.

Will the ceremonies be the same as previous years?
Basically, yes. Each year grads make some changes to make their Graduation unique.

What is the minuet?
We are lucky to have Maria Buckley return to volunteer her time to teach this traditional dance to the grads. Hailed as the event that unites the grad class, lessons began in early April. The minuet is not a “couples” dance and all participants must be Highland Grads. Students have been encouraged to find partners who are committed to the practices and event.

Other Important Date for Graduates as we approach the end of the year

May 19th Grad BBQ
May 25th Spring Music Concert
June 7th Highland Night of Excellence (Scholarships/Bursaries/
June 14th Literacy 12 assessments
June 27th-29th Assessment Week no classes in session
June 30th Report Cards issued
Late Aug You will be emailed when the grad packages are available for pick up, which includes your Dogwood certificate.